Friday, 11 May 2018

The Healthy Mummy: Busy Mums Guide to Weight Loss Book Review and Giveaway!

I discovered my love affair for The Healthy Mummy way back when I was pregnant with Miss C and it hasn't waivered since! I have followed the eating and exercise plans on and off over the years and many of my family favourite recipes are actually ones from my many, many Healthy Mummy books....

I have purchased so many of the cookbooks in the Healthy Mummy range over the years and have countless printed eBooks and recipes from their amazing websites. So when I saw that they had a new book out, I was pretty darn excited!

The latest book to the collection is called the Busy Mums Guide to Weight Loss. Not only does this include 100 of the most popular and fabulous recipes from the eating challenge, it also includes a 28 day eating and exercise plan. If you are not familiar with the Healthy Mummy programme, don't be fooled into thinking it is just another restrictive diet fad. Nope, this really is aimed at being a healthy sustainable lifestyle programme (and one that includes chocolate and treats!!).

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

April 2018 Vogue Online Shopping Night Deals and Sales

Anyone else wake up with an overflowing inbox today due to the Vogue Online Shopping Night?! In case you missed it, from midday today (Wednesday 18 April) until midnight tonight, most major (and smaller too) online stores have amazing online exclusive offers. This is in addition to some other pretty amazing sales floating around on other sites not actively participating in this offer.
If you are looking to purchase some Winter staples, then this is a fantastic chance to buy! Here's what sales (and items) I am loving...


The Offer: 25% off full priced items and 30% off selected tops and knits
Shop it Here
What I Love: I haven't shopped in Portmans for years, but this year I am absolutely loving their pretty floral dresses, skirts, jackets and gorgeous knitwear in blush, grey and navy - my core wardrobe colours.
Chunky Pocket Cardi: Shop it here
I couldn't resist this Chunky Knit cardi in the blush colour for Winter. I love that it feels like I am wearing a snuggly dressing gown, but looks cute at the same time. 


The Offer: 40% off for members
Shop the promo here
What I Love: Always one of my fave stores for everyday staples such as knits, tops and scarves - especially when they offer 40% off. I recently tried on (and loved) their new range of Freeform 360 jeans.
Meadow Tummy Trimmer Pants: Shop them here

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

A little refresh...

Howdy Folks!
If you have been following my poor neglected blog for a little while, you may have noticed a little bit of a refresh to the page and my branding over the past few weeks. What does this mean?! Well not too much is changing, but I am officially going to include a wee bit more 'style' into my blog and social media pages as requested by you guys!
Fashion (clothes, shoes, accessories - you name it!) and bargain shopping are two of my greatest passions, so I am very excited to be sharing these with you on a more frequent basis. You guys told me that you want more outfit inspiration, bargain buys and shopping (for kids and home too) so this is what you will get! If you're on Instagram please feel free to follow my account. I am loving the whole 'stories' concept at the moment, and this is the avenue I am using to share most of my bargain buys, things I love at the minute and snippets of my life.
My social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) will still be places for me to share my life but also a little bit of style too. Now I am definitely no self proclaimed fashion blogger (or model), but if you are an everyday Mum after everyday, affordable and wearable style ideas, then I hope sharing my outfits and bargain buys will help inspire you. Each time I share my outfit ideas I get such a positive response (and request for more), so I hope you will continue to enjoy these posts.
The blog posts will hopefully be a teeny bit more regular than last year, but social media will most definitely be your best bet to stay up to date! Four little ones and regular writing don't seem to mix too well just yet...
As always, if you have a question or an idea for a post, please get in touch. If you are a brand or company that wants to collaborate with me, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you too!
Thank you for reading x

Sunday, 25 March 2018

What the heck does a new baby actually need?! My essential guide...

{Post brought to you in conjunction with Gumtree}
One of the hardest things about being a new parent (sleepless nights aside) is working out what the heck this little creature actually needs! I know when we were expecting Mr B (our first), he had every single baby product known to man kind. But now, four kids later, I think I have finally figured out what you really do need.

This is a little list of my new baby essentials, what worked for us and tips on buying. You know that I love a bargain, so I hope it helps (and saves you a few dollars along the way).

The Bassinet

Some people choose to go straight for the cot, but I am a huge fan of the humble little bassinet. In fact, when it comes time to move on out into the big cot, I get so sad not to wake up with my bub by my side. This could by why at 4 months old, Mr J is still snoozing by my side in his little bassinet.
Because people either love or hate having their bubs in their room, consider hitting up Gumtree to pick up a bassinet second hand. These are only used for such a short time (or if at all), so you can usually pick these up in immaculate condition for a fraction of the price.

Boori Urbane Bassinet

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Non Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas

Beautiful pastel colours, cute bunnies and chocolate - Easter really is one of my favourite times of the year! We have a little one in our family with food allergies, so each year I try and come up with little non-chocolate Easter gifts that fill most of the easter baskets.

Each year I try and get items that each child needs for the upcoming Winter as well as a few little treats.  Some things I have done in the past include a new set of pj's, a dressing gown, gumboots, Easter stickers, Easter craft set, bunny clothing or socks and a little Easter picture book. My go to store for all things Easter is definitely Seed, I find they have the cutest range for all ages and genders (particularly the girls).
Here are a few things that I am loving if you are stuck for ideas...


Bunny Tutu Dress (Seed) $59.95 - Buy it here

Sunday, 10 December 2017

He's Here....

My poor old neglected blog, I promise that I am still here... just!!
If you follow me on social media, you will know that in late October, five became six as we welcomed baby number 4! How blessed are we right?! Blessed or crazy I am not quite sure which it is... haha.
Our baby Jesse is going really well and we are slowly learning our groove as a family of 6. Mornings are hectic, daytimes are crazy and bedtimes are bedlam, but we wouldn't have it any other way.
Thank you to my lovely readers for the gorgeous comments and well wishes!

Smokin' Chicken Muffin Recipe

{Post in conjunction with ProQ}

Family barbeque lovers enjoy the authentic, full flavoured, succulent dishes that only true smokers can deliver. So as the weather warms up and outdoor entertaining with friends and family is all that more appealing, barbequed smoked meat should definitely be on the menu.
To make your Summer barbeque more memorable, ProQ has shared its recipe for finger licking good chicken muffins, an all-time favourite and people pleaser that will have adults and kids alike calling for more! 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

5 Space Saving Furniture Pieces for Small Homes

{Post in conjunction with BoConcept}

When living in a small apartment, or trying to furnish a small room in your home, it can be quite difficult to find space for everything. There are a lot of ways around this, we can show you how to make small living fun. Having furniture that adapts for guests can be a real-life saver. How about a footstool that turns into a bed or a coffee table that doubles up as a dining table? Check out some of BoConcept’s genius designs that can breathe life into small living areas!
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