Saturday, 10 March 2018

Non Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas

Beautiful pastel colours, cute bunnies and chocolate - Easter really is one of my favourite times of the year! We have a little one in our family with food allergies, so each year I try and come up with little non-chocolate Easter gifts that fill most of the easter baskets.

Each year I try and get items that each child needs for the upcoming Winter as well as a few little treats.  Some things I have done in the past include a new set of pj's, a dressing gown, gumboots, Easter stickers, Easter craft set, bunny clothing or socks and a little Easter picture book. My go to store for all things Easter is definitely Seed, I find they have the cutest range for all ages and genders (particularly the girls).
Here are a few things that I am loving if you are stuck for ideas...


Bunny Tutu Dress (Seed) $59.95 - Buy it here
Bunny Tee (Seed) $24.95 - Buy it here

Kids Pyjamas:

Boys PJ's in size 2-9 (Seed) $39.95 - Buy them here
Bunny Dressing Gown (Seed) $49.95 - Buy it here. Although this is from the girls section, I definitely think the grey makes it unisex
Bunny Nightie (Seed) $34.95 - Buy it here

Bunny PJ's $39.95 (Seed) - Buy them here

For Babies:

Bunny Bib (Seed) $16.95 - Buy it here
3 Pack Bunny Socks (Seed) $9.95 - Buy them here - Also available in pink and blue too! These are the BEST socks.
Bunny Squeaker (Seed) $19.95 - Buy it here . This also comes in grey. We did this for Mr T a few Easters ago and it is still being loved by Mr J now!

Bunny Rattle Booties (Seed) $19.95 - Buy them here. These also come in pink

Bunny Mary Janes (Seed) $39.95 - Buy them here. These also come in gold. I got these for Miss C when she was a bub and still cannot part with these!
Baby Bunny Puppet Book (Seed) $9.95 - Buy it here

Girls Accessories:

Bunny Stick on Earrings (Seed) $7.95 - Buy them here
Glitter Bunny Clips (Seed) $7.95 - Buy them here
Unicorn Bunny Headband (Seed) $14.95 - Buy it here
Bunny Wand (Seed) $9.95 - Buy it here
For more Seed cuteness, check out the range online here. There are literally pages and pages of cute bunny items. I am desperately hoping they have a promo on soon and will be sure to share on my social media when they do!

UPDATE: Seed 20% off online is on NOW - go for your life... I will!!

NB: This post contains affiliate links in conjunction with my disclosure policy.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

He's Here....

My poor old neglected blog, I promise that I am still here... just!!
If you follow me on social media, you will know that in late October, five became six as we welcomed baby number 4! How blessed are we right?! Blessed or crazy I am not quite sure which it is... haha.
Our baby Jesse is going really well and we are slowly learning our groove as a family of 6. Mornings are hectic, daytimes are crazy and bedtimes are bedlam, but we wouldn't have it any other way.
Thank you to my lovely readers for the gorgeous comments and well wishes!

Smokin' Chicken Muffin Recipe

{Post in conjunction with ProQ}

Family barbeque lovers enjoy the authentic, full flavoured, succulent dishes that only true smokers can deliver. So as the weather warms up and outdoor entertaining with friends and family is all that more appealing, barbequed smoked meat should definitely be on the menu.
To make your Summer barbeque more memorable, ProQ has shared its recipe for finger licking good chicken muffins, an all-time favourite and people pleaser that will have adults and kids alike calling for more! 

Method: Smoke, Grill
Suggested Woods: Hickory, Apple, Cherry
Approx Cook Time: 1.5 hours


  • Chicken thighs, 2 per person (and a couple more)
  • BBQ rub of your choice - Spicy works well
  • Smoking chips/chunks - Hickory is good
  • Muffin tins, as many holes as you have thighs
  • Water pan
  • Enough lard/duckfat/butter to grease the tins

 What to do:

Step 1:
Debone the chicken thighs, cutting around the bone to leave you with a single strip of chicken. Try to remove excess skin and ligament too.
Step 2:
Put the thighs straight into a large bowl as you finish them. Once the thighs are tidied up and deboned, add a generous amount of BBQ rub into the bowl and mix it up. Try to coat the thighs as thoroughly as possible, you can always add more rub if needed.
Step 3:
Grease the muffin tin with lard (duck fat or butter also works too). Be thorough (even excessive!) around 1/2 cm cube per cup.
Step 4:
Starting at the thinner end of the cut, roll the thigh up so that the skin is on the outside and place skin side down into the muffin tin, tucking in the edges.
Step 5:
Prepare your smoker and fill the water pan with water to help stabilise the temperature while cooking. Water vapour condenses the meat and makes it 'sticky' which means that the smoky flavour can infuse the meat (see more about ProQ Smokers at Barbeques Galore). Smoke your chicken for 30 mins at 250f/120degrees Celsius before flipping them skin side up for a further 30 mins.
Step 6:
Remove the water pan, empty and replace it and cook for a further 60 mins in the tins. At this point you can eat them, and they will be good, BUT... for a great finishing touch, take them out of the tins and grill until the skin is crispy.
Step 7:
You can also baste chicken with a sugary glaze at this point. This will give the chicken a gorgeous sheen and sweet flavour that works well with chilli. Chicken muffins are great with cornbread or even as a chicken burger.
Step 8:
Check whether your chicken is done. For chicken, 165 degrees F is done - base this on the internal temperature. The internal temperature is  accurate and infallible if it is taken correctly. The most important things to do are:
  • Take the temperature in the centre of the largest piece of meat. For example in chicken this would be the breast
  • Make sure that the probe is not touching the bone, you will know if it does as the temperature will be impossibly high
Note: The times mentioned in the recipe are approximate due to changes in factors such as the weather, the charcoal used etc
For more information and recipes using smokers, visit


Thursday, 3 August 2017

5 Space Saving Furniture Pieces for Small Homes

{Post in conjunction with BoConcept}
When living in a small apartment, or trying to furnish a small room in your home, it can be quite difficult to find space for everything. There are a lot of ways around this, we can show you how to make small living fun. Having furniture that adapts for guests can be a real-life saver. How about a footstool that turns into a bed or a coffee table that doubles up as a dining table? Check out some of BoConcept’s genius designs that can breathe life into small living areas!

Melo2 sofa bed

The 3-in-1 Melo sofa is a neat and comfortable 2-seater sofa that comes in grey or grey fabric. It can be used in 3 different positions, seated mode (sitting upright), recliner mode (lying back with feet up) and bed mode (lying down) with simple and easy movements.


Xtra footstool

The Xtra footstool is a hidden gem, it looks like a simple square footstool, until you take the cover off and reveal and bed folded into 3 underneath. Customize the cover fabric to suit your interior space or put 2 together to make a double bed if you have a couple staying or just want more room.

Rubi coffee table

The Rubi coffee table is also a dining table – perfect for entertaining guests over a meal and when you’re done, simple fold it up into a coffee table again. The legs are completely adjustable to any height and the table top simply turn 90 degrees to cater for either function.

Mezzo storage bed

The Mezzo storage bed is ideal for a small bedroom with limited wardrobe space. Simply lift the modern bed frame up, hinging on an angle to reveal a whole storage compartment underneath. If you have regular guests staying and need to change the sheets a lot, having the mattress in this upright tilted position will save your back throughout the festive season!


Milano extendable dining table

The Milano is a sleek, minimal and easily extendable dining table. Simply pull out either end, reach for the handle attached to the middle section and lift out the middle, which opens and forms a new section in the centre, lengthening the table.
BoConcept are specialists in multi-functional furniture - check out their full range online or why not visit one of their furniture stores in Sydney to see their furniture first hand, with stores in Moore Park or Crow’s Nest. They have a team of dedicated interior design consultants on hand to help you with your needs.
Visit BoConcept’s Website:

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

To rinse or not to rinse, that is the question… Whirlpool top 6 myth-busters for dishwasher etiquette!

{Post brought to you in conjunction with Whirlpool Corporation}

The after-meal clean up can pose quite the challenge, with differing opinions about the most efficient and effective methods. If your kitchen is equipped with a handy dishwasher, you might consider yourself one of the following types…an expert Tetris-style dish stacker, a dedicated pre-wash rinser or believe that glassware on the lower rack is the ultimate cleaning sin! If this sounds all too familiar, there are a few tips and tricks from experts at Whirlpool Corporation that can take the guesswork and bother out of cleaning your dishes…

  1. Loading cutlery – Knife blades are best stacked facing downwards and although there’s an ongoing dispute as to whether spoons and forks should follow suit! It’s really up to personal preference and makes very little difference. Alternating the bowls of spoons up and down to keep them from nesting together and not cleaning is an easy method, or you can mix the type of cutlery in the same sections to prevent poor cleaning results.

  1. Pre-rinsing – Is it really necessary? You may not realise, but this counteracts the water-saving benefits of the dishwasher and doesn’t let the it do its job! The only time dishes would need to be rinsed is if you were planning to keep the dishes in the dishwasher for several days before running or if there are excessive amounts of food residue on the plate, such as tomato sauces or strong curries and avocado seems to like to stick. Light residue means that the dishwasher detergent has something to work against!

  1. Glassware positioning – The upper rack of the dishwasher is designed to hold glassware and some models include features that reduce glassware damage, such as stemware holders. However, if the glassware can fit securely on the lower rack and it won’t roll around during the cycle, it’s allowed but not always recommended.

  1. Stacking dishes on an incline – This is important so that the water and detergent solution can spray up into the vessels. The ‘tipped’ loading will also help with drying but it’s important to ensure the incline used allows water to spray up as too steep an angle may not allow for a thorough clean.

  1. Stacking bigger items – Most dishwashers feature customisable space with removable top racks and adjustments, which will allow a row of tines on the bottom rack to lay flat. On occasions where you have large pots and pans to wash, it’s recommended the top rack be removed and bottom tines be laid flat, to make room for suitable stacking at the right angle.

  1. Setting the right cycle - Just as important as how dishes are stacked, most dishwasher models come pre-programmed with wash cycles that are suitable to different types of loads. If dishes are quite dirty, choose a more aggressive and longer running cycle at a high temperature option, which will cut through residue. It’s also important to use a top-rated multi-colour all-in-one detergent and quality rinse aid to help water sheet off the dishes. Combining these two will deliver the best cleaning performance and result in clean, dry dishes, plus most importantly, help save water and energy.

Avoid unnecessary kitchen disputes with these top tips from appliance and consumer experts at Whirlpool Corporation for ongoing peace, exceptionally clean dishes and money saving solutions!