Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The ‘Huggable Hanger’: Space Saving Coat Hangers

Once upon a time there was a little (not so old, thank you!) lady with so much closet space and oh so many clothes. With a cupboard full in each of her 3 bedrooms and a free standing clothing rack, she was in no shortage of space to hang all of her wonderful garments and store all of her beautiful shoes. However one child, copious amounts of toys later, this has all changed…..

Now although I would never change having Mr B in my life, I do miss the days of having a whole 3 bedroom house acting like a dedicated shrine to all my clothes/shoes/coats/bags and believe me there are plenty of them!

I like to think that my bedroom wardrobe is quite organised, however since having a baby I must admit that things have started to slide. No longer does my colour coordinated paradise present itself to me when I throw open those doors of a morning and to my utter disgust I actually noticed a top on the floor today (oh the horror!). Hmmmm what can I do, I pondered….

In a quest to save some space in my wardrobe, without the need to cull too many of my clothes (I did have a big cleanup post summer, I promise!), I started my research. I quickly stumbled across somewhat of a huge fad in the States that I don’t think has reached our shores in Australia– the huggable hanger!!

Now for those readers like me that are not aware of these marvelous contraptions, they claim to virtually double your wardrobe space and the velvet flocked material prevents clothes from slipping off the hanger. Oh and they look oh so pretty too….

I did debate calling on my American friends to post these beauties to me, however the price of posting the 400 odd hangers that I will need (yes really) was probably going to be a tad over the top even for someone like me (one wage, must remember that mantra!). So I decided to source a local alternative here in Australia and give these a try.

I am pleased to report that these are ordered and on the way for review very, very soon. I decided to start off small with 200…..

I really hope that they can restore my utterly organised wardrobe to its former glory and save me some space (not for more clothes, I promise – one wage, one wage, one wage…).

Look forward to reporting back on this project soon.

Have you tried the huggable hanger? Worth the hype?


  1. Where did you get the version of these in Australia please.

  2. Hi Heather,

    Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

    How many hangers are you after?

    If you are after a smallish quantity (say 50), then I suggest waiting until they are back in stock at TVSN (TV Shopping Network) as they have a very similar set to the one in the USA and they come in a range of beautiful colours as well.

    You can also similar hangers from Lincraft and Target stores, however they don't come in the same variety of colours.

    If you are after a larger quantity, please let me know and I will give you details of a supplier that I have sourced in Melbourne.

    Feel free to drop me a line at at any time.

    Kind regards,


  3. Hi, I was just wondering how you found these hangers? I couldn't find a sequel post about them but if there is one, could you provide the link? I, too, am interested in the huggable hangers but live in Australia.


    1. Hi There!!

      Not sure if you also follow my Facebook page, but I commented on it that I was unable to purchase these as planned through the supplier here in Australia. I have seen these in Target and even in Aldi on a short term promotion, but I haven't had the chance to look at doing this again.

      It is on my list for this year though!!

      Thanks for your comment,


  4. Use these organization tips when you fold your clothes to save space


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