Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I'm having ‘work’ done….

No, no, no – not ‘that’ sort of work. Although 6 months after having Mr B, probably could do with that sort of ‘work’ done!

No this time the only thing getting a facelift is my little blog!!

The very lovely and talented Jessica from Lilipop Designs is giving the Utterly Organised blog an overhaul in the coming days, so if things are a bit slow on the blogging front it is because we are preparing for the overhaul.

I might be great at organising and prettying up houses, but doing the same on blog is definitely not my forte. I am truly grateful (and oh so excited!) that Lilipop has accepted the challenge of making my blog so much more functional (and lovely looking too!).

If you are a fellow blogger looking to upgrade your blog from the standard (and a little boring) templates to something a bit more wow – then Jessica is definitely the woman for the job! Lilipop can assist with custom or premade blog templates as well as web design and assisting with logos and other brand building needs. There is no end to this talented little ladies' capabilities!!

To learn more about Lilipop, head on over to their Site. 

I cannot wait to share with you the finished result!

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