Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Utterly Organised Candy (Lolly) Buffet: Black/Red/White 30th Birthday

Wow!! What a super busy weekend.

I spent the weekend setting up and styling a Candy Buffet for a 30th birthday.

My client did not have a theme in mind, but loves red – so we went with a classic black and white with a touch of red.
Utterly Organised Candy Buffet
Utterly Organised Candy Buffet
My client picked all of her candy favourites which included chocolate frogs, candy teeth, clinkers, jelly beans, smarties and a few others!

Mmm Candy Teeth & Pineapples
Candy Buffets really are so magnificent; they create such an impact at every type of event. There is truly nothing like seeing the guests’ faces when they clap eyes on your candy buffet, the awe and excitement is just beautiful to watch! I just wish these were in vogue when I was getting married as I am such a sweet tooth.

If you are in Melbourne, Utterly Organised can hire our assortment of jars, vases and bowls to you so that you can create your own candy buffet masterpiece. Or we can work with you to customise a candy buffet to match your event, theme or preferred colours if you prefer to have someone do the hard work for you.

I have more images on my Facebook page.

If you are interested in further information on our Candy Buffet hire, please contact me at:

Hope you liked this event – makes me crave more candy just looking at it!

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