Thursday, 6 September 2012

One Room Two Ways - A look at a fellow Organisers Laundry Closet

Say hello to the very lovely Marissa from one of my very favourite blogs - Beautifully Organised.  I was absolutely delighted when I was contacted by Marissa to participate in a joint piece with her fabulous page. For those of you who have not checked out Marissa's blog, do yourself a favour and pop on over. Marissa has so many brilliant and inspiring ways to help busy Mummies get organised so they have more time for the things that they love - a woman after my own heart!!

Marissa suggested that we send each other a picture of our own linen closets to be able to feature on each others blog pages. As you saw my space yesterday, this post is dedicated to the fabulous organisation system that Marissa has in place in her laundry closet...

Marissa's laundry cupboards are definitely reflective of her namesake - Beautifully Organised!

When we compared our laundry spaces, this is what we found that we had in common:
As you know I am partial to using storage baskets in my home to organise and maintain an organising system, and as you can see Marissa is also a fan of this idea. I love the way that she has implemented different sized baskets to address her storage needs.
Marissa swears by the benefit of keeping 'like' items together so that you can see what you actually have in your closet and save a bit of money too (gotta love this!), as you avoid double buying items such as soap and laundry powder etc. I too love to group and give things a home as it makes it so much easier to keep things neat once you have created this system of order.
We both love the use of labelling and clever Marissa uses her Dymo Labeller (I must get one of these) to create order in her laundry, whilst I have just been designing my own simple printed labels. Labelling ensures that everything has a place and therefore it is much easier to keep the order and also for fellow family members to find things too!

I love having a little peek in to what other people do in their homes (must be why I am a tad addicted to Pinterest), so I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to share Marissa's space with you all - thank you again Marissa!!

Of course if you have any images of your own laundry cupboard space that you would love to share, please contact me. For your chance to make your laundry closet as 'beautifully organised' as Marissa's, don't forget to enter the Home Storage & Living giveaway for the chance to win $150 worth of products of your very own choice.

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