Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Spring/Summer Scarves for a Song

Time for another Cheap and Cheerful Tuesday! Have you noticed just how many scarves have hit our stores with the release of the Spring/Summer lines?! Maybe it is because these gorgeous lightweight summer scarves are on my radar that I am noticing these everywhere.

I have been using the Spring/Summer scarf to give my outfits a bit of a 'pop' of colour, much like a statement necklace. They are a super easy (and affordable) way to change the look of your outfits, you can literally throw one on with an ensemble that you may have worn a billion times in the past and it really gives you such a new and fresh look - almost like getting a new outfit completely!!

Until recently I had only kept my scarf wearing for the Winter months, however this year (maybe because I am on such a budget these days) I have really embraced this trend to change the look of my trusty old threads.

So where do I suggest that you head to for some gorgeous scarves? Look no further than your humble local K-Mart store:

As you can see there is literally a shade, pattern or style to fit your style or outfit. Choose from plain, floral, stripe, leopard or a quirky print. Prices range between $8 and $10 and the quality is amazing for this price point.

So if you are like me and want to give your outfits a bit of a 'refresh', then head on down to your local K-Mart store and nab one of these pretties while stock lasts.

Of course if you have a little bit more coin to spend, some of my favourite chain stores have some notable mentions:

Source: Witchery
Witchery never disappoint with their beautiful scarves season after season. The above 'Summer Soft Scarf' is as the name suggests, just super soft and divine on the skin and it is only $19.95. The colour above is 'mint' but if this is not your thing, then check out other shades available in this style such as nude, sunset, watermelon, coral, black or cream. The mint has my vote!
Source: Sussan
Sussan is definitely on trend with a gorgeous Spring/Summer range this year and this scarf is no exception. The style is the 'Block Colour Scarf,' and it is $29.95. This scarf features the most gorgeous shades that I want to be seen wearing for Spring and Summer.
Source: Witchery
Who else loves a bit of polka dot?! Witchery has come through with the goods again and for $39.95 you can give this divine Watermelon/White polka dot striped number a home in your wardrobe.

Who else is embracing scarves for Spring/Summer? Even Mr B cannot resist a scarf... or three....

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  1. Wow kmart really. I did notice a great range in Bigw last week they were $12 but i couldnt narrow it down from about five of them so i left it ..... i shoulda got the blue one! thanks for the shopping update will head to kmart soon. x

    1. Hi Mums Take Five - I was pleasantly suprised at the range as I never usually venture to the accessories section. I saw some cute ones too at Big W, but I ended up with a few $8 K-Mart ones so I don't need ANY more (so I keep trying to tell myself!). Thanks for stoping by x

  2. I'm going to Kmart to check these bargains out!! Thanks Alli x

    1. Pleasure Sarah, good luck with the shopping trip x

  3. Good going Allison! I am adoring Target as well for their scarf collection. Amazing!! xx


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