Friday, 19 October 2012

Organise your Shoes with Benjibox Clear Shoe Boxes... I have!!

With a little collection of 130 odd pairs of shoes (disclaimer - this was at last count, there may or may not have been a few purchases since then!), I might be considered to be somewhat of a shoe fan....

For those that caught one of my earlier posts, you may recall that I used to house some of my shoes in my DIY Ikea shoe wardrobe until it was sadly relocated to our garage. This move wasn't my choice, but rather one of the sacrifices of being a mummy, as the room formerly known as my 'shoe room' is now Mr B's playroom (which I must share with you all soon by the way).

It hasn't been ideal to have my shoes out in the 'wild' of the garage and I did shed a tear or two when my shoe friends left the safety of my home. So when I was recently contacted by the lovely Penny from Benjibox to try out their clear shoe organisers, I jumped at the chance. I really needed to find a solution to store and organise my shoes and show them the care and respect that they deserve!

I have used my set of Benjibox shoe organisers to store and organise the shoes that I tend to wear on a not so frequent basis, such as my wedding shoes (that I cannot bare to part with) and other formal heels that unfortunately only ever seem to see daylight when someone gets hitched or Spring Racing season rolls around.

These also tend to be my more expensive heels, that I don't want collecting the dust and grime that the garage can bring. The design of the Benjibox is fabulous as it not only protects from dust and debris, but it also allows my 'ladies' to breathe when stored.

I have looked at purchasing a shoe organisers in the past, however I found some of them to be a bit difficult to access the shoes and to be honest and bit 'flimsy' looking. The Benjibox is an amazing quality product, instead of being just a box the design incorporates a 'drawer' so you simply slide them in and out, it couldn't be easier to store and access your shoes.

They also have rubber anti-slip pads that allow the boxes to stack on one another securely and without toppling over when you try to access the shoes.

I recently recommended the Benjibox to a friend of mine who was seeking advice on how she should store and organise her children's shoes. We found that we could store 3 - 4 pairs per box and this was perfect for her needs. These are a truly versatile product and would be a great storage and organisation solution for craft needs and the like. I would be using these for my paper punch supply if I didn't have so many shoes needing a nice home.

I am so thankful to Penny at Benjibox for allowing me to try these, and even more so for letting me give one set of 10 away!! If you haven't entered the giveaway, please pop on over now to do it as the competition is ending tomorrow night and trust me you don't want to miss out!!

If your shoe collection could do with a bit of TLC and organisation, then head on over to Benjibox and order yourself a set - trust me your shoes will thank you for it!

Are you a shoe fan too? How many pairs do you own?! Don't let me feel like I am alone here!!


  1. Thanks for the great write up Allison. They're perfect for storing lego too!

    1. That is something that I am going to be needing to store in a few years, I LOVE that idea!! Thanks so much Penny x


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