Monday, 15 October 2012

Spring/Summer Fashion, Wardrobe & Beauty Feature Coming Right Up!!

I have always been a huge fashion and beauty fan. It is a true story that I once won an award at a former workplace for being the most 'valuable' employee based upon the fact that I kept everyone guessing as to what ensemble I would throw together the next day!! Although I would like to think that my work performance was as memorable as my outfits...

I must admit that I don't have quite as much time (or money) these days to indulge in this passion of mine, and quite often my choice of attire will be more 'tracksuit' that 'power suit' you'll find! However I do still love to try and keep up with the latest fashion and beauty trends and I thoroughly love and enjoy reading the blogs of fellow mummies that blog and write about fashion and/or beauty.

Over the course of the next week and a bit, I have invited some of my favourite fashion/beauty bloggers to come on over and be guests writers here at Utterly Organised, so that you too can experience these wonderful blogs for yourself.

In addition to some fabulous guest bloggers, I will be sharing with you my experience of attending a style workshop, share some of my tips for wardrobe organisation (and I'd love to hear some of yours) and of course show you in action the amazing Benjibox Shoe Organisers, which you have the chance to win for yourself right now.

I really hope that this feature will give you a hand with planning and organising your Spring/Summer wardrobes as well as offer up some advice for decluttering your wardrobes to ensure that you can make a bit of room for the beautiful garments in store right now! My guest bloggers will be sharing some amazing fashion and beauty buys, ideas and inspiration that I am pretty sure you are going to love!

I hope you enjoy this feature...

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