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Top Tips for a Tip Top Closet!

Well unless you haven’t hit the shops in say, oh 6 months, (is it just me or do they wheel out the ‘next’ season clothes earlier and earlier each year?!), you'll be well aware that Spring/Summer fashion really is in full swing. I always find that as the end of a season is over – adios Winter- it is a fabulous idea to do your closet cleanout to make room for all the beautiful new season threads that you want to get your hands on!

If you still find that you have not done your ‘post winter’ cleanout – don’t despair - there is no time like the present to get on with it. I thought that I would share a few of my tips for a top closet cleanout...

If you haven’t done a declutter of your wardrobe for quite some time (or at all!), set aside some time in your diary where you can focus on the task at hand without the interruption of the phone – kids – husband – dog – whatever it is that distracts you!

I find that it is best to do a little cleanout after each season has passed as you can see what you did and did not wear for the season. Chances are that if you spent an entire season without wearing an item in your closet, that you won’t wear it again with that season rolls around again – get rid of it!

One of my lovely readers suggests holding on to it for a set period of time (in a box or basket) and if you haven't reached for it in a set period of time, be gone with it!!

If you find that your closet is bursting at the seams, consider ‘archiving’ your out of season clothes. That way you won’t be wasting time wading through racks of jumpers in summer trying to find something to wear when it is 36 degrees outside.

After that season has passed, you are unlikely to need your clothes until the season approaches again in 9 or so month’s time. That is right – you really won’t need 12 shoestring dresses in the thick of Winter – trust me!

Vacuum packed bags, archive boxes, or under-bed storage tubs are brilliant for this. Clearly label the box eg. Summer, so that you know what to get out when the new season approaches.

Source: Howards Storage World
By keeping only current season items in your wardrobe you will not only save space, but time in the morning by being presented by only the options suitable for the season.

Handy hint to Melbournians – remember to keep at least a few cardis and jackets at arms length because you know Melbourne – 40 degrees one day and 11 the next – I am not kidding!!

What to keep? What to toss?

Ask yourself - Does the garment fit? Does it make me feel amazing? Have I worn this in the last few months? Is it damaged and not likely to be repaired? Do I have anything to go with it?

If you answer NO to any of the above, time to part ways!

It can be so difficult to get rid of items that have ‘historical’ value to you, that is you cannot dare to part with ‘said dress’ because you wore it 12 years ago when you met the love of your life. You really don’t need to treat your closet like a ‘museum’ of clothing of past eras.

Same goes for the wedding dress that can almost take up half a closet on its own.

This really is me in my wedding dress which is packed away!
If you truly must hang on to it, consider vacuum packing this and storing it in the garage or shed or under your bed. That is where I store my wedding gown pictured above from my big day in 2008.
Source: Howards Storage World

Do you have 10 pairs of black pants or maybe 40 pairs of jeans?! Sound familiar? You really don’t need to have 100 items of the same thing, pick the best and throw out the rest!

I must admit that I am guilty of this one at times. I will often see a dress that I think will be perfect for a ball or a wedding. But the truth is my lifestyle is not about attending fabulous parties or nightclubs every weekend like it may have once been pre-baby.

If you are holding on to items in your closet for a lifestyle that you wish you had rather than the lifestyle you actually have - then get rid of it!

Being on one wage or being on a budget can be a strain on your clothing allowance. But what better way to raise money for new season clothes than by selling those un-wanted garments?!

Ebay is absolutely fabulous for this, however if you are cleaning out ‘post season’, then I suggest boxing up items and waiting until that season rolls around again before you list your clothes on ebay. That way your clothes will fetch a ‘prettier penny’ selling in season, rather than out of season.
If there are items that are damaged, or just not worth selling – do a good deed and donate to your local charity store.

Some of my recent ebay sales ready to post!

One of the the best pieces of advice that I received from the Style Workshop I attended last month(if you missed my review on this, you can read about it here) was to fill your wardrobe with clothes you love and that make you look and feel fabulous and nothing less. Great advice for everyone! 
Why look and feel less than fabulous when there is fashion like this around?! Source: Review Australia
If you have garments that make you feel anything but, then time to put them in a big black garbage bag and part ways – pronto!!

Sorting your closet can be highly emotional and difficult for so many of us. Why not enlist the help of a family member or friend (with an objective attitude) or seek the advice of a professional? It might make this job a little easier to do.

What is your top tip for a tip top closet? When is the last time you cleaned out your closet? I’ll feature some closet ‘organising’ tips before the Summer season ends!!


  1. Oh my gosh, the vacuum pack bags are my best friend!! And keep everything neat and clean for the following season. I love your idea about keeping all the clothes that make you feel fab! so true....oh let me at my cluttered wardrobe now! thanks so much for such a handy post!

    1. Thanks so much Chelsea!! I love them too, such a space saver. Thanks for dropping by and sharing this with your page x


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