Thursday, 15 November 2012

Free Christmas Printable... by Vote!!

Well it is getting to the pointy end of the year where Christmas and the year 2013 are almost upon us. I am a bit scared about just how fast the year has gone, but also excited as I am viewing this as our first 'real' Christmas with Mr B. You see throughout my whole pregnancy last year I was given a due date of - you guessed it - December 25 of all dates in the year. This was much to peoples amusement, but I don't think anyone forgot my due date!

Mr B ended up taking us by surprise and arriving early (something I think he will be grateful of in years to come!), but I was only out of the hospital for a few hazy and crazy days last year before Christmas rolled around, so it was such a non event. This year I plan to treat it as our first 'proper' Christmas, though in a million years I will never forget last year.

The amazing Karen at Be Design Solutions has created the most divine print it yourself Christmas range this year. I am a little bit in love with this set because it matches the colour scheme that I am 'doing' this year for Chrissie - Aqua and Blue.

For those after a more traditional colour pallette you also have these amazing options to choose from.
The red and green:

Or the Silver & Red:
Each set is only $25.00 which is an absolute bargain, please feel free to contact Be Design Solutions for more information or to place an order ahead of the Christmas rush.

I recently helped a reader out with a customised chocolate bar wrapper in this range through Be Design Solutions, that my reader is planning to give out to her children's teachers and friends at Christmas time. It is such an inexpensive, yet gorgeous little gift idea and let's face it who doesn't like receiving chocolate?!
The fantastic news is that Be Design Solutions have very kindly agreed to provide one of the items from the set to my lovely readers to print off and use - for free no less!!
We were having a little debate over on Facebook recently and it is has come down to these two contenders..... 

So would you like the chocolate bar wrappers which would make amazing gifts for your friends and family, or just look very stylish on your Christmas dessert table?

Or would you like the fun of the Reindeer noses? Simply purchase some little celo bags and fill with jaffas or anything else that takes your fancy and attach this to seal the bag with.
Take your vote by commenting below and the printable will be available for free very, very soon!! 


  1. The reindeer noses, am making gifts for teachers and these would be perfect!!

  2. Ahhh too hard to decide...the chocolate the ummmm arrgghh all too cute! Ok go the Chocolate Wrapper :)

  3. Gorgeous!! I LOVE the Chocolate Wrapper...mainly because I did Reindeer Noses last year! :)

  4. Definitely the choc wrapper!!

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  6. Fiona Byrne I vote for Reindeer Noses - perfect for filling up a celo bag with chocolate Maltesers and a red Jaffa for all the reindeers and Rudolph!


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