Thursday, 27 December 2012

Getting Organised for Christmas 2013... You Cannot be Serious!!

All that lead up to Christmas (especially with the retailers spreading Christmas fever as early as October) and in one very short, crazy and manic 24 hour period it is all over for another year.
Or is it?!
Even though the last thing we may want to think about is pudding recipes, ways to decorate your tree and buy anymore wrapping paper, there really is no better time than NOW, yes now, to get ready for next year.
So what can you do to get in front for Christmas 2013?
The post Christmas Sales are a perfect time to stock up on Christmas Decorations for next year, with most retailers discounting by 50 - 70% post Christmas. So if you love some of the gorgeous (yet expensive) decorations at certain retailers, then wait til post Christmas to nab them at far more affordable prices - I always do!!
I try and add one major piece to my collection each year in the post Christmas sales. This year I had my heart set on this Advent Calendar with draws for hiding treats or messages for each day of the festive season. Unfortunately I couldn't bring myself to pay $70 for it, but at 50% it was far more wallet friendly and it is getting packed away for next year!!
Now is also a perfect opportunity to also stock up on gift wrap, cards and bows for next year because quite frankly these don't date from one year to the next. Pop these away in storage with your other Christmas goodies and relish in how organised you are that you already have these ready to go when December rolls around.
If you always struggle for ideas and inspiration come Christmas time, why not put together a little inspiration folder for the festive season and add to it over the year.
I always love to pop some ideas in my folder post Christmas after I have seen so many wonderful ideas on Facebook, Pinterest and the Internet. So if you saw a red and silver theme that you want to replicate next year, or a brown rice salad recipe that would be perfect on your Christmas table, why not write down the recipes, ideas and inspiration that you would like to give a go next year in your 'folder'. That way when Chrissie does roll around, you will have made a head start on the planning.
I also keep a similar folder for my ideas for Easter and other general festive/party ideas. These are the same folders and way of organising my recipes as featured here.
Before you recycle all of your Christmas cards from this year, why not write yourself a note or save a spreadsheet with a list of who sent you Christmas cards over the year so that you can ensure that you don't miss them out next year.
I must admit I was very slack again this year and didn't post a single card, but there is always next year to reedeem myself isn't there?!
So there you have it, just a couple of my little tips to stay ahead for Christmas next year. What about you? Do you like to get organised for Christmas well in advance? Or can you not bare the thought of anything Christmasy at least for a full 11.5 months?!

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