Monday, 3 December 2012

Tips, Tricks & Instructions for the Freebie Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Well the Christmas tree is up - yay - and I am in Christmas mode now and it seems so are many of my readers. I am so pleased that so many of you love the free chocolate bar wrappers kindly provided by Be Design Solutions as much as I do!

As promised here is a little bit of a step by step guide for putting these together, it really is so simple:
1. Download Files
Files can be found on my original post here
2. Print Files
When printing ensure that no scaling is applied to the print job, otherwise your wrappers won't be printing the right size
3. Trim Files

Either trim by hand with your trusty pair of scissors or use a paper trimmer - I LOVE my paper trimmer which I picked up a tidy sum of $10 or there abouts from Aldi.
4. Remove Wrappers

Remove the original paper wrappers oh so carefully so that you keep the foil nice and neat and in tact!
5. Ready to Go!

Once your file has been trimmed down, line up the image at the front

Then simply fold the two ends one over the top of one side and stick using glue or double sided tape
5. You're done!!
That's it, sit back and marvel at home clever you were to put these together!!
What Paper?
A few readers have contacted me to ask what paper to use. I personally find that the best paper to use is a 150gsm gloss paper that is readily available through Officeworks or other similar retailers.
If you don't want to buy a whole ream of the stuff, I find that the staff at the Print station at Officeworks are only too happy to sell you a few sheets of the paper you need for around 15 or 20c a page.
Or you can take these files to a printer such as Officeworks or Kwik Copy etc and have them do it for you too.
Don't forget to send me some pictures of your finished chocolate bars to or share them on my Facebook wall, I would love to see them in action!


  1. Hi,

    It won't let me print the wrappers?

    1. Hi There,

      Not sure why not, please contact me at and I will see if I can help you out. You do need to right click on the file and save first and frint this way, hopefully this might help, if not please contact me.



  2. Hi Allison - my biggest challenge was finding chocolate bars with wrappers in the first place. Around here there were NO foil-wrapped chocolates (although I did hear that Aldi stock them). I went with the plastic wrapped chocs and just wrapped the wrappers around them. Worked okay.

    It was such a fun thing to do and the kids loved them. I do like a big result for only a little effort!!



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