Tuesday, 15 January 2013

10 Apps to help you stay Organised!

Hands up if one of your goals this year is to be a teeny bit more organised? Yup me too.
Because we now live in a time where mobile or smart phones are used so much, I thought that it would be only fitting to have a post that features the top 10 apps to help you remain on the straight and narrow when it comes to staying organised.

I am delighted to have Brian Jensen from Dell pop along to give us some suggestions, because I must admit I am still new to the 'smart phone' scene having only owned one for a few short months now. Brian has a real passion for learning and writing about all things technology, so you know his advice on the top apps is going to be spot on!

If you have some more apps that you simply love and that have rocked your world, I would love to hear all about them.

Managing life can be stressful when you get busy. It can be even trickier if you are trying to manage multiple schedules at once for you and your spouse or your entire family. There are lots of tools that can be used in order to help you keep track of everything going on. It can all be right in the palm of your hand. Here is a list of ten of the best apps that will help you stay organised.

Astrid: While basic, this app helps you make a to-do list and mark things off as they are completed. This list can be shared with many devices through the cloud. It can also be used on the android system.

Todoist: This app is a bit more intricate as it allows more tasks to be scheduled and prioritised. Tasks can be broken down into subtasks and can also be selected to be highlighted if they are more important. Also, tasks can be viewed a day at a time or a week at a time. Plug-ins are also available for most browsers and even Outlook email.

Remember The Milk: This app allows you to customise your to-do list with locations, time limits, and updates when the task is completed. These features allow you to keep all your information all on one pc and then view it on your phone or other device.

Checkmark: Using your GPA coordinates on your device’s tracking signal, different to-do lists will pop up when it sees you are close to a familiar place. You can create customised lists for each location such as work, school, or home. This way you can keep your tasks organised in a helpful way.

Schedule Planner Pro: For those who love and need a very detailed app, this is the one for you. Not only does this sync to your Google or Apple calendars, but it also categorises the task according to the information you put in when creating the task.

Wunderlist: This task is very much like the other ones, but there is one great benefit. Adding tasks is easy and can even be done by sending an email to yourself since syncing this app to your email is so easy.

reQall: The King of all task apps is this one right here. It can help you manage all sorts of tasks aside from task lists such as shopping lists, setting appointments, and leaving voice or text notes. It will send you reminders via texts, emails, instant message, or by voice.

Timewerks: Aimed at independent contractors, this organisational app has the ability to have multiple active stopwatches, the ability to export data, and ways to customise rates per task. This can help you stay organised on the job to make billing easier.

A Personal Assistant: When you have a lot of online accounts that need tracking, this is the app for you. After inputting all your accounts and their information, it will always remember them and let you access the accounts without entering the information again. Use a master itinerary to manage your finances with transactions and balances.

Lockbox: If you have a hard time keeping track of passwords, this app will take care of that. Input your personal information into the app and it will remember it all for you. It is encrypted and needs certain information to access, so not anyone who picks up your phone will have access to this sensitive information.

What are your favourite apps for staying organised?
A big thank you to Brian from Dell for being a fabulous guest blogger, I will be definitely checking out some of the above and would love you to tell me all about any others that I should be checking out...


  1. Some great tips there Allison, thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Sabeen and Happy New Year x

  2. I definately need a few of those! Thanks for sharing

  3. Ooh I'll be checking out reQall! Very handy post Allison, hope you don't mind that I linked to it on Beautifully Organised today xx

    1. Happy New Year Marissa. Oh thank you so much for doing that x


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