Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Organising the Pantry - On the Super Cheap!

I love MM's. Not to be confused with M&M's (which I also love), I am talking about Tupperware Modular Mates.

Soon I will be sharing on the blog my pantry with you all, which in all seriousness has approx 80 pieces of these Tupperware lovelies. When I decided to organise my pantry, I saved up my hard earned pennies and decided to treat myself to a pantry full of the stuff - all in one go!
I love the way the product looks, lasts and just how easy it is to organise the pantry with them. But I know for many (me included), it can be hard to cough up the money to organise a whole pantry using these products.
What if I told you that you could find a similar looking product at $2 a piece?!!!
Well much to my delight I discovered in my K-Mart store (in Australia) that they are selling a very similar looking product to the Modular Mates range for $12!! Yes that is $12 for a 6 piece set.
Now I am in no way saying that the quality of these is going to live up to the lifetime gurantee of the Tuperware real deal, but for those that maybe don't want to spend a lot to deck out their whole pantry with matching containers, then this could be for you!
I tested out the seals on the product and I must admit, it does look like it is going to be a fairly durable little set.

So what do you think? At $12 a set, will you be trying these to organise your pantry?


  1. I love my MM's (and M&M's). Though I am super disappointed that Tupperware discontinued the cranberry. My mum, dad and grandma all have the cranberry, and I was (not as morbidly as it sounds) matching my set to theirs for when I inherrit their sets.

    Luckily I managed to buy enough to cover most of my pantry before they discontinued the set - but it is pretty scarce on ebay now when I find a bit I am missing :(

  2. I would love to do this to give my pantry a makeover but my local Kmart didn't seem to have them. I bought some for $17 which I think had 6 different sizes and the seals are great albeit a bit cumbersome.

  3. I am in love with these labels you have! Where did you get them from?

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