Friday, 14 June 2013

Product Review: BISSELL Air RAM Cord Free Vacuum

Now I'll admit, I don't love vacuuming, but I do love having a clean and organised home. So when I was given the chance to try out and review the newest vacuum cleaner on the block - the BISSELL AirRam - I didn't need to be asked twice!
This amazing vacuum boasts a whole range of innovative and unique features (no bag, no cord and super light) that promise to make this chore a breeze.
The first thing that I noticed when I took it out of the box, was just how light and compact it truly is. So light in fact, that Mr B (at 18 months) has been trying to whizz this around the house pretending to vacuum - well better to train them early I say :-)
The unit only weighs just over 3 kilos, so to me having this vacuum is just as convenient as the good old dustbuster to whip out at the smallest of spills and accidents - and trust me with an 18 month old, there are plenty of those in our house!!
One of the biggest ticks for me personally, is that there is no cord. Hallelujah for finally introducing a cord free vacuum that actually works I say! How much time do you waste plugging in that vacuum from room, to room trying to make that cord go as far as you can? By being cordless, it really does make the job a heck of a lot quicker and easier.
You simply charge up the unit and its' high powered battery cell gives you up to 40 minutes of vacuum time - plenty of time to do the whole house and still have charge left for next time. Just make sure you charge up the unit before use, and you are good to go! This little unit also uses 90% less power than a conventional vacuum - that has to be good come power bill time right?!
This is a bagless vacuum and the technology collects dirt and debris in small bales within the unit, making it super easy to dispose of waste. This technology still has he same dirt capacity as a regular bag less vacuum, no compromises here.
It is all very well having a pretty little compact unit, but how did it perform?
Well we have a doggy in our house (Miss Georgie who is a Beaglier). She is an outside dog, but she sleeps inside our laundry of a night. For the few hours she is inside the house before bed each night, it is amazing just how much hair she seems to shed.
The white hair + our charcoal carpet = darn good vacuum cleaner needed.
For such a small and compact unit, this thing had so much more grunt than I expected. I was actually a bit sceptical when looking at its size, that it just wouldn't cut the mustard when it came to our carpets and the dog hair, but it was quite the opposite. Not only was the dog hair quickly and easily removed, but the carpets looked brilliant after I finished. The slim design and low profile vacuum head, meant that I could get in to more places than I normally would with our regular unit.
At the end of my vacuum session, I still didn't love this chore - but you know what - it certainly was easier and quicker than regular vacuuming! Hate vacuuming? Then you may just hate it a little less with this vacuum, worth trying out in stores to see what you think...
The BISSELL AirRam is available from major electrical retailers such as Harvey Horman and Good Guys and has a RRP $399.
NB: I was provided a vacuum cleaner from BISSELL to review. All opinions expressed in this blog post are solely mine.


  1. Hey there - are you still happy with the Bissell vacuum cleaner? Mine's just 'gone to god' in a big way. So i'm going to start web researching to find a goodie.

    1. Hi Janice,

      I am so sorry that I missed this. I still absolutely love the vaccum. It is so convenient without the cord. My only fault is that we use ot so often now (instead of a broom!) so it lives in our family room permanently at the moment!!!

  2. yes i agree that the vacuum cleaner is really helpful thing for us many people including me doesn't like vacuuming but they wants that their house always be clean so for this kind of people vacuum cleaner is the best option and i know about the Arelli company that is having new qualities vacuum cleaner....

  3. I hate vaccuming the house, since buying this gadget, I cant stop, have been using the vac two times a day and cant stop. Great buy, wish the on off button was at the top near the lever.

    Back soon, hae to vac..

  4. I also love to have a clean and organized home. I think pet hairs create a lot of dust at home so I need the best vacuum for pet hair. If you are having any suggestion related to this then please tell me.....

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  6. This is probably the best rechargeable sweeper available by far. It does a good visual clean but not a touch on my proper vacuum .

  7. I like this this! I think it's kinda pricey but the aspects are cool. Thank you for sharing!

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