Thursday, 2 January 2014

How my New Years Resolutions for 2013 went...

In so many ways this year has gone super slow - being stuck sick in bed with hyperemesis for 5 months will do that to you! But in so many other ways, 2013 just flew by and I cannot believe that in under a month we will welcome another little bundle of joy in our home (and boy I cannot wait to not feel sick each day!!).
Last year I sat down and nutted out my top 4 New Years resolutions which you can read about here.
I am so glad that I popped these up on the blog, so I can look back and reflect on how well I went (or didn't) meeting these goals during the year...
1. Stop Biting My Nails
BIG fail here. I did manage to stop while I was so sick during this pregnancy and had talons that looked like they were the work of an acrylic nail technician!! However sadly these were short lived and my badly bitten nails are back..
2. Get Healthy
I started out the year really well here with introducing more 'clean' recipes in to our home and was doing well with my exercise.
However the pregnancy and the severe sickness has done nothing for this healthy diet and I find myself (even still) needing sugar, sugar and more sugar to stop myself feeling sick each day during this pregnancy.
As for exercise, I have been lucky if I can even walk to our letterbox most days because I still feel very ordinary.
3. House Project Completion
I had earmarked two projects for around the home in 2013, converting Mr B's nursery in to a Toddler Room and converting our spare room in to a Playroom.
Just as soon as I had completed Mr B's Toddler Room conversion, I discovered that I was pregnant (yay!!) and therefore planning a 'Big Boy Room' instead.
The Playroom Set up was completed but has now been moved to our Family Room area to make way for the nursery for #2.
Both projects will be on the blog in the New year!
4. Continue Building my Events Business
Unfortunately the pregnancy meant that I wasn't able to do as much as I had of liked with my little business Utterly Organised Events.
However looking over the records for the year, we assisted with 117 different events during the year which was just amazing!! I definitely couldn't have done it without my hubby who was amazing packing up orders and helping clients when I wasn't well enough to even be able to shower!
So that is how I went with my resolutions for 2013, I definitely didn't achieve as much as I had hoped but what is more important that building a baby?!! What about you? Did you manage to succeed at your resolutions for the year?
Time for me to sit down and plan out what I hope to achieve in 2014...


  1. Just quietly, I reckon you've done a great job at ticking off most of those goals considering how ill you've been! I bet you can't wait to meet your new bub x

    1. Thank you so much Kirsten!! Absolutely, cannot wait to meet this little one but starting to feel very nervous about it all - especially the birth and sleep deprivation :-)


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