Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My secret to making our Kitchen smell & look divine!!

I recently had a friend over for coffee, who entered my kitchen and asked if I had been baking. I gave her a rather confused face (as I hadn't made much more than a sandwich this particular day). It then dawned on me that what she had mistaken for cupcakes was in fact this.....
Once I let my friend in on the secret on what was giving her the impression of freshly baked goods, she immediately left my house and stopped en route to her local Woolies to pick up a bottle!
I later got a text from her saying just how amazing this stuff had made her kitchen look and smell and insisting that I share with my lovely readers, so here it goes!
Though I cannot take all the credit, I first got on to this product from the gorgeous Clare from The Home She Made and have been an addict ever since!
This product is available just at Woolies (as far as I know) and is around the $4.00 mark. I use this product every few days (alternating with my Method cleaners) and the smell still lingers (in a great way!). Definitely worth trying if you like a gleaming kitchen that smells just like vanilla cupcakes. Mmmm..... 
More information on the product can be found over at the manufacturers website here.
Tried it? Love it? Love to know what you think?
PS: This is not a sponsored review, I am just a fan happy to spread the joy!!


  1. you can find this in most supermarkets, not just woolies. i have been using this product for as long as i can remember and i love it too, perfect for those must eskies and yes just general cleaning. PS dont mean to be anonymous just can't remember my log in right now

  2. Hi There! Thank you so much for letting me though. Unfortunately my local Coles and IGA don't seem to stock these - you are very lucky!!

  3. That sounds amazing, I will be searching to see if I can find this in England. We're thinking of moving house this year, what a great way to impress perspective buyers!


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