Monday, 10 February 2014

My Top Tips for an Organised Office Space

Once upon a time I had a whole spare bedroom dedicated to a study/ home office space and let me tell you it was bliss. I had room for a large desk, filing cabinets and a super generous bookshelf to boot! Two kids later (bye, bye spare room) and my home office is confined to a small space that we added on purely for a storage area in an extension several years ago.

Now I cannot stress enough that this space is 'small', so it is imperative that it remains clean and tidy so that I actually have enough space to swing a laptop. Running a small business from home (plus a bit of blogging thrown in for good measure) does mean that I stare at these four walls a lot, so I have tried to create a home office space that is not only functional, but a little fabulous too.

Here are just a few of my tips for organising your very own office space...

Pretty Up
Gone are the days of boring beige manila folders and silver in-trays. Nowadays office and desk accessories are so chic and affordable too thanks to stores such as Typo, Officeworks, Kikki-K and even good old K-Mart.
Look for desk accessories that are not only practical but pretty - trust me they will get your creative juices flowing! 
Clear Desk, Clear Mind
No matter how chaotic a day I have had, I always make time to clear my desk and office space at the end of each day. It means that when I return to this space the next day, I feel calmer and more organised from the onset.
Spend a few moments at the end of  the day clearing your desk, popping everything back in its place, filing and tossing away any paperwork not needed and your mind will thank you the next day - trust me. Make it a routine in your day and it won't feel like a chore after a while.

Leave Room for the Imagination
In the form of an Inspiration/Vision board. Not only will this tame your loose papers and little odds and ends such as teeny business cards and post it notes, but it will inspire you.
I love to keep a few personal photographs on mine to make me smile during the day too!

Pick up a super cheap Pinboard from K-Mart or Ikea for under $10.00 - bargain!

Give me a Home!

My number one organising tip for any space in the home or office is to give things a home. Invest in storage and organisational solutions such as filing cabinets, shelves, bookcases - whatever it takes to give your paperwork, files, books and whatever's a home.

It is no secret that I love to label, I just find that it gives items a home (and looks so pretty too). You don't need to go crazy with expensive labelling, I just print my little labels off on my trusty home printer on adhesive paper. The storage boxes were purchased from Ikea and have served me well over the years.

What are your top tips for an organised office space?

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