Monday, 28 April 2014

Winter Time Wish List

I may not love Winter, but I sure do love Winter clothes and the relaxation that the season brings....
Each Winter I try not to go too overboard (because I have do have not one, but two wardrobes filled to the brim with clothes!). Instead I simply try to update my everyday Winter casual essentials each year - on a bit of a budget!
Here is what is on my wish list to buy invest in this year....

1. Long Sleeve Tees. These are an absolute must for me as I wear these day in, day out and all year round. Each Winter I tend to update with at least two to three new ones. I picked up this striped one from Cotton On during a recent promo they had (30% off) for $14.00 and it has quickly become a post baby favourite!

Try Dotti, Target or Big W who also have amazing quality tees at under $20 a pop.
2. Jeans. If you wear jeans daily or even weekly, then Winter is a great time to upgrade these everyday essentials.
I struggle big time to get a pair that fit well as my thighs tend to be on the 'generous' side. However this year I managed to snare the best ever pair of jeans from Big W!!! They were the Emmerson Brand, Skinny Leg style (which never, ever fit me!) and the best part was that they were only $9 and fit and look great.
I have seen a great range in Target and K-Mart this year too. I really don't think you need to spend a small fortune on jeans.
3. Scarf. I cannot let a Winter pass without adding a new scarf to my collection. This year I searched high and low to find the perfect Polka Dot scarf and found it at Portmans. On sale now for $14.95 it was too good to pass up, and I just know how much wear I will get out of it.
K- mart, Sussan and Witchery are also my favs when it comes to gorgeous prints and designs too.
4. Cardi or Jumper. Wollens are absolutely essential here in Melbourne and I love Merino! I picked up this cardi at Portmans when they recently had a $20.00 off sale, but the regular price is $89.95.
I snared the marle grey colour, but it also comes in a range of stunning colours (the lavender is divine) that will see you through many a cold day in years to come.
I do love that the drapey style is very forgiving on the mum tum!
Witchery also do great woolens, but worth waiting til they do another 25% off (which they seem to do nearly every other week).

I am also loving the Knitwear in Dotti this year, great quality and even greater prices.
5. Leggings/Ponte Pants. 3 Months post baby and this is a trend that I never thought I would embrace... but leggings or ponte pants are definitely the must have item of the season.

I purchased these amazing pants from one of my favourite stores - Coles! Yup that is right, these babies were from Coles' Mix Apparel and I absolutely love them teamed with my drapey or tunic tops to disguise the post baby body. They retail for $20.00, but I picked up for $14.00 during their recent 30% off days.

If you are not sure about this trend too, then these are a great way to test the waters without spending big bucks if it doesn't work for you.

I have seen some gorgeous varieties in Sussan for those who are a bit more confident that this look will work for them.

Image Source and To Buy: Mix Apparel

6. Relaxation. Winter truly is the time for relaxation and rejuvenation after a hectic and busy summer. The pace of weekends for us is much slower and much more focused on family. I love nothing more than rugging up in my winter woollies and hitting the road for a country drive. There is nothing nicer than a relaxing lunch in the country side, with an open fire and family by your side - bliss!

What is on your Winter Wish List this year?

This post is bought to you in conjunction with Land Rover, because let's face it, every good wish list should contain a luxury SUV!

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