Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Closer to Nature Perfect Prep Machine Review

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I am sure many of us have been here before...

It is 3am, you have only just shut your eyes for a few minutes of sleep, yet your baby is now wide awake and screaming for another feed - the third in the space of what seems like only a few minutes!

You get up from your warm bed (again), boil the water for the bottle, trying to pacify the babies insistent hungry cries. Both of you now agitated, you wonder why the water is not cooling - it seems to be taking hours - like everything at this time of night! Pacing up and down the kitchen, you think to yourself, gee there has to be an easier way... and now there is.... 
I am usually one of those unlucky people that misses out on the super amazing baby inventions, because my baby is too old by the time they arrive - but not this time!

The Perfect Prep Machine is the latest brilliant invention from masters of all things babies, Closer to Nature. The first of its kind (that I know of), this machine prepares bottles quickly and accurately for bubs. In less than two minutes, you have a bottle that is fresh, at the correct temperature, and with the peace of mind that everything has been done right - every single time!

I was so fortunate with Mr B that I was able to breastfeed him (with the initial help of a lactation consultant) until he was 8 months old (and at this stage getting far too greedy!). But by far, one of the best tips I received in my early stages, was to provide his last feed of the day by bottle to ensure that he has a nice full belly to sleep on. It was this method of mixed feeding that I think may have helped me have a bub that slept through from an early age.
I have kept this method going for Miss C and it has worked a treat, she has been sleeping through the night from only 5 weeks (let's hope it stays this way). I hope to mix feed for as long as possible with Miss C, but if not, at least now I have found a machine (and method) of helping prepare formula bottles in a faster, safer and so much easier way.

When it arrived, I was a bit worried that the machine would be a bit high tech - it looks a bit like a coffee machine - but for babies! But looks can be deceiving, as it is super easy to use - you simply measure out the amount of formula that you need according to your formula tin, hit the button and this clever little machine does the rest.
I seem to breed very greedy and impatient babies, so when they demand a bottle, they are not happy to wait 20 odd minutes until the water has cooled to the correct temperature - they want it now, or there are usually grizzly consequences for Mum! This machine eliminates that waiting time (which at 2am seriously feels like hours!) and the concern for having not prepared this correctly. There is even a 'hot shot' feature that kills any bacteria and an inbuilt water filter - amazing!
The machine retails for $250.00, which may be a little pricey for some. However if you have a baby shower (or a generous friend wanting to give your baby a special gift), then I would pop this on your to buy list. If it is your first baby, trust me anything that makes your life easier with bub (especially in the middle of the night) is worth its' weight in pure gold!

I am so thrilled to have one of these machines to give away to one super lucky reader. Stay tuned to the blog, because I will be running this giveaway tomorrow. Hope to see you back here then!
Preparing your baby’s bottle isn’t always straightforward, so to help parents everywhere, closer to nature® have created the perfect prep™ machine. Specially designed to make preparing bottles* quicker and more accurate, this clever device makes a fresh bottle at just the right serving temperature in less than 2 minutes, so your baby’s bottle will be perfect every time. The perfect prep™ machine is designed to fit most bottle shapes and sizes.  Available at Babies R Us, RRP$ I @closertonaturebaby1

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