Thursday, 24 July 2014

Planning your Spring Clean

Every home needs a spring-clean from time to time, and while it doesn’t have to happen in spring time, you do need to clean and repair your home regularly in order to keep it looking good. Here are some tips to help you plan your outdoor spring-clean this year.
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Pressure Wash It

A pressure washer will be your best friend in cleaning up the exterior of your home. The water pressure does the hard work so you won’t need to scrub anything. If marks are really stubborn you can add some detergent, or apply clove oil or bleach to mould and mildew before washing. Be careful when cleaning soft woods and other soft surfaces as high pressure cleaners can cause damage.


Check the Roof

Most home-owners have no idea what condition their roof is in. Very often it is a case of out of sight, out of mind, however neglecting your roof could be potentially dangerous to you and your home during storm season. Your exterior spring-clean should include an inspection of your roof. Ensure that roof sheeting is in good condition and check flashing around chimneys and other openings and seal any gaps with roofing cement. Remove any debris that may have blown onto the roof. If you’re not feeling brave enough to venture up onto your rooftop, companies like Roof Masters can do an inspection for you and provide any repairs needed.
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Give the Gutters a Going Over

Clean leaves, twigs and other debris from gutters. You can do this yourself with a gutter scoop or hire someone to help. Installing a gutter protection system will greatly reduce the need to clean your gutters. By keeping your gutters clean, it will allow water to flow away quickly in wet weather, helping to avoid flooding and also keep gutters in good repair.


Cleaning Windows the Easy Way

Cleaning the windows will give your house a fresh sparkle. While most of us hate cleaning windows it really doesn’t have to be hard work. The old fashioned 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar works really well and crumpled newspaper is still the most effective way to clean and dry windows. Wash windows in the shade so that they don’t dry before they have been cleaned.
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Screen Cleaning

Insect screens attract dust, so it is important to remove and clean them periodically. You can soak them in a child’s blow up pool or lay them on the lawn and give them a gentle scrub with a soft brush. Thoroughly rinse the screens with the garden hose before replacing them in the windows. If any of your screens are torn or damaged, now is a good time to do repairs. Small holes may be repaired by flattening out the screen fibres and coating with several layers of clear nail polish. If the screen has large tears it will probably need replacing. This can be done by removing the rubber from around the frame and installing a new piece of screen.
Plan your spring-clean by prioritising tasks and setting achievable timeframes to complete each job. It may take you a few weekends to get everything done but the results will be worth all the effort.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this tips to help combat the spring! i would like to add one more tip - get Local Plumber Service to make sure all the taps, gutters and evrything else piped is going good!

  2. For others, spring cleaning is all about cleaning and organizing inside their house. But it’s also a good opportunity to clean and fix all the problems in your house. And that includes, but not limited to, gutter and roofing. These are two parts of the house that can cause a lot of damage if they're not maintained regularly. Anyhow, these are very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

    Tami Garcia @ Affordable Seamless Gutters


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