Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Project Extension: Week 1 - The Start

After a very restless Sunday night last week involving hubby up until 10pm outside removing trees very last minute (best not to ask!!) we woke up Monday all excited for the extension work to start.
Well we waited, and waited and waited some more...
Looks like the builders got the dates mixed up with the excavation company because the demolition now isn't starting until this week. Big sigh!!
We did have the job measured up and planned out last week though and the markers make the job look huge. I really cannot imagine how it is all going to look once it is all done.
For those playing at home that aren't quite sure what on earth we are doing, this is the plan...
- Increase the size of our existing formal lounge. This includes removing all existing bay windows and installation of new modern windows. The plan is to use the new space in the Lounge area as an open play space

The image below shows our bedroom and lounge areas where the work will be done.

Say bye bye Bay Windows!!
- Create a Mudroom Style storage space. Our house is on a bit of an odd angle (as you can see from the below shot), so we are installing this 'nook' area so that we don't have any major rooms on a funny angle. I plan to use this as a storage room/somewhere to put shoes and hang coats.

Why on earth didn't you built the house straight people?!!!
- Create a new entrance Hall and Corridor. The front door will finally face the road instead of being half way up the path as you can see above - so many people confuse the side garage door for our front door!
- Add on a 4th bedroom to the Home
- Add on a Walk in Closet to our Master Bedroom (yippe!!). Remove existing bay windows and install new modern windows to all new spaces
- Rip up all gardens (including those super tall palms - not fun!) and paths and replace with new. As you can see from these pictures, we have spent the last 6 years completely renovating our home inside and not done a thing outside with the gardens!
- Fix our Garage which has cracked brickwork
- Render the house
- Spray existing and new roof tiles from the yucky terracotta colour to a modern charcoal to match the new modern colour scheme
- Paint existing window frames to match the new scheme (new windows will be aluminium)

- Replace guttering on most of house, guttering not being replaced to be painted to match the new scheme
- Paint the new extension and refresh other rooms

- Install flooring - carpet for the lounge and floorboard style of flooring for all other spaces

- Replace that horrible side fence - may have to wait til next year to do that one..
Gee looking at that we really do have our work cut out for us don't we?!!

This is a little shot showing the progress we made ourselves last week with removing the garden and the path - it is just like one big mudpit at the moment, but hey it is a start...


Will keep you posted with the progress that this week brings - I hope!!



  1. Wow! they're some big plans you've got going on there..! How exciting!
    Are you living in the house while the work is being done? I look forward to the progress shots :)

    1. I am no sure about exciting at the moment - more terrifying - haha!! Yup we are living here while it is going on, but all 4 of us need to camp out in one of the kids rooms for a few months - that should be interesting!!


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