Thursday, 14 August 2014

Introducing Alphatise - a new way to shop!

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There is only one thing that I love more than shopping and that is...bargain shopping of course! If you are a regular around here and follow my Facebook page, you'll know that I am always on the hunt for a good old fashioned 'steal' when it comes to shopping. So when I heard about 'Alphatise' I was pretty darn excited.
Alphatise is the newest way to shop, and the concept is pretty simple - as a buyer, you simply log on to the website (or download the app) and search for what you want to buy.
Once you have found what it is that you are after (using a very straight forward navigation tool), you simply place a 'wish' on an item. A 'wish' is basically an intention to buy an item - but this is where the bargain fun begins! As a buyer, you get to tell the seller just how much you are prepared to pay for the item you want! How is that for putting you in the drivers seat?!  

The seller is then notified about your intention to purchase, and if the demand is there and the price is right, then you will be notified and the transaction will take place - talk about finally giving the buyer the power to decide how much to pay!! I absolutely love that you get to haggle without having to deal with the daggy salesman or feeling bad about asking for a discount!
Not only can you 'wish' on actual products, but you can also 'wish' on store discounts too. I have already popped my wishes in on my favourite stores such as Seed, Country Road and even Ikea too!

Now I can't wait to see if my 'wishes' are granted, because I do have pretty extensive wish lists at these stores for Spring/Summer let me tell you!! 

If you love a good bargain as much as me, then you are going to want to check Alphatise out!

Already tried it? Love to hear what bargain buys you have picked up in the comments below.

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