Monday, 25 August 2014

Lazy Mum's Guide to Taking Care of you Hair!

{Brought to you in Conjunction with Sunsilk}

First up I am going to hit you with the cold, hard and somewhat shocking truth...
I wash my hair once a week! Twice a week tops if I have something super special on.
There I have said it!!
And to answer your question - no things never used to be like this pre-baby. I used to be preened and groomed on a daily basis. Heck I would even throw in a few days of soft waves for good measure!
But these days I am definitely one of those Mum's that would rather have sleep over a blow dried hair style - but each to their own!
Over the past few years of being a Mum, I have found a few products and learned a few tips and tricks that have been brilliant at taking care of my hair - without compromising a minute of sleep!

1. Dry Shampoo

If you have never tried this stuff, you seriously do not know what you are missing - it has saved my life!
You simply spritz on like a hairspray, wait a few moments and brush through. Be a bit vigilant with the brushing, otherwise you will look like you have coloured your tresses a very undesirable shade of grey (particularly if you are brunette!).
My Pick: I have tried and tested a few brands, but keep coming back to the Klorane brand for my Brunette locks. But do try a few and see what works best for your hair colour.

2. Wash Less

Now that you know my big secret that I don't wash my hair very often, I have to tell you that my hair has never looked better.
Gone is the frizz, the dryness and my hair grows super fast too.
I choose to wash on the weekends when hubby is home. I take my one and only long uninterrupted shower for the week and enjoy pampering myself and ending with a blow dry!
This is not going to be for everyone, but why not give it a go and definitely invest in a good shower cap for the days in between washes!

3. Mix It Up!

When I do wash my hair, I find that my hair responds (and looks) best when I mix up my shampoo and conditioners.
So I alternate between a Commercial (Sunsilk product) and a Salon range product (Kerastase). By doing this, I am not spending a fortune on hair care and I get amazing results when my hair is not so used to the one product all of the time.
My Tip: Sunsilk Long and Stronger - this stuff is seriously amazing (Google the reviews if you don't believe me)! Oh and Priceline have it for 50% off this week if you do want to give it a whirl!
Kerastate - pricey but when alternated between a Commercial brand it does go a long way! I love the Nutritive range, but look out for it on sale through a Discount Beauty online store. 

4. Invest

Do invest in great heat styling products such a hair straightener and a hair dryer.
Not only will a good dryer keep speed up the drying process, but it will give you a smooth and silky salon looking blow dry that will last for days.
My Tip: Parlux - these are expensive but will most likely be around forever!
For a Straightening Iron, you cannot go past a GHD or Cloud Nine. If you have thick hair (or a bit lazy like moi) go the wide plate - it speeds everything up!

5. Make friends with Elastic

Yup elastic bands are definitely a Mum's best friend!
But a polished pony, messy bun or top knot are always in style - so mix it up with different styles and don't be afraid to tie it back for the sake of getting a bit of sleep! Besides a glossy down 'do' will only end up sweaty, with baby sick and food in it, in no time flat!!
What are your hair care tips or must buy products? Love to hear what works for you?

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  1. Thanks for the shampoo tip. I need to try a new brand so will give sunsilk a go.


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