Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Project Extension: Week 3 & 4 - We have a slab!

Well all was a bit quiet on the project front during week 3, we had a little bit of digging, but not a lot else due to a mix up with the dates and the concrete truck (yep another mix up!). 
Yep a new side fence is also on the cards... once I find that money tree!
I must admit, noise aside, I am really missing that digger. As you can see from the above, the digger provided hours on end of free babysitting and how I loved that!!
Week 4 was a wee bit more productive and we finally had our slab laid... 

The above picture shows the extra space that we are adding on to our existing lounge area. This 'new space' that you can see will form an open play area.

The above picture shows a bit of the lounge room that you saw above. But looking forward it shows the space that will be used for the new bedroom (top left), the new entrance hall, the mudroom and my walk in robe.
The slab has made me see a bit more clearly just how big the spaces are going to be - I must admit seeing things on paper does nothing for me! I am a bit worried that the spaces will be too small, but I am assured that they will look bigger once the frame and bricks (which sit outside of the slab) are done.
As you can see, we still have our ugly old bay windows still in. I must admit that I am relishing the privacy (and warmth) for now - who knows what week 5 will bring?!!
I have received a few messages asking me if we plan to live here throughout the extension and the answer is unfortunately - yes! Though because of the construction in our bedroom, we plan to all move in to Mr B's room for a month, I am sure this will cause a few sleepless nights.
Anyone else building, renovating or doing anything else silly like us?! Love to hear how it is all going for you...



  1. I just found your blog and discovered your extension plans. Awesome!
    I know what you mean about thinking it will be too small once you see the space laid out. I thought the same thing when our floor joists were first put down. We don't have plaster on yet but I think it will look and feel bigger once we are at that stage.

    If you want to watch our progress I am blogging it all (even the dead boring stuff) as an online diary so we can relive it over and over again. We too are living in it with 3 little kids. Oh and we are doing at all ourselves so is super slow going.


    1. Hi Nat,

      Thank you SO much for stopping by and commenting too :-)

      I have been past your blog in the past and have just bookmarked it so that I can be sure to check back in with you on a more regular basis too x


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