Thursday, 25 September 2014

Clever Office Hacks: Creative Uses for Basic Office Supplies

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I hope that you enjoyed the first part of my 'Office Hack' series earlier on this week. If you missed it, I featured my budget friendly family recharge centre.

You can catch the post here.
Today I am looking at some Office Hacks using those basic office supplies that you most likely have in your top drawer.

The Paper Clip

Who knew that the paperclip had SO many clever uses? Here are a few of my favourites....

Remove Sticky Tape Frustration!

Never search for the end of the sticky tape or washi tape roll again! If you are as big of a washi tape fan as I am, then this is a lifesaver!

There is nothing more frustrating that spending an eternity trying to find the end of the sticky tape roll, especially as it always seems to happen midway when wrapping a present - happen to you too?


Mark your place with this cheap and easy paperclip option. Your library will thank you for not returning 'dog eared' books!

Seal your Snacks

The bottom drawer of my desk is for my sneaky snacks! Even though I could easily polish off a bag of this popcorn in one sitting, I 'try' and be a bit more restrained (though chocolate is a different story entirely).
Seal your chips, food packets and even frozen bagged goods all with the aid of a humble paper clip!
What I used...
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Celco Paper Clips 50mm Tub/200
RRP: $10.03
I adore the pastel colours in this tub!

The Post It Note

Another office staple that I am sure we all have stashed away. Why not put these to use on your keyboard?!

Clean your Keyboard

I don't know about you, but I eat constantly over my keyboard (refer to point above about popcorn!).

Remove crumbs, popcorn(!), dust and grime with a simple post it note.

Give it a try, it really does work wonders.
What I used...
Buy It Here
3M Post-It Notes 76cm x 76cm
RRP: $3.47
Do you have some genius Office Hack ideas? Love to hear them!

Attempted any of these at home? Feel free to share any pictures by email to

For more ideas be sure to check out the Office Hacks Pinterest board by Officeworks


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