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SRC Recovery Shorts Review

My Story...

With my first pregnancy, I was so naïve on everything baby, pregnancy and post baby related. I was so sick (and so paranoid about something going wrong), so I refused to read anything.
So naïve was I, that I didn't even know how to change a nappy and I certainly didn't know anything about what might happen to my body post birth.

When both of my babies were born, I was told by the hospital physio that I had quite the muscle separation - 6 cm in fact. It is quite common to have this post birth, but I think mine was compounded by a lot of inactivity during my pregnancy. 

During my first (and subsequent pregnancy), I was hit with hyperemesis. This is the condition that we hear so much about with Princess Kate, it is a severe form of pregnancy sickness. It can only be described as sheer hell on earth, and I am literally confined to bed (or a hospital drip) for the best part of the first 26 weeks.

Me just 4 days before Mr B arrived!
After Mr B was born (he was delivered by emergency caesarean) I was told by the hospital physio to get myself a pair of SRC Recovery Shorts to aid in the recovery of the caesarean, and also to assist with my separation.

My results...

With my first pregnancy I started wearing the shorts after the first 3 days. The hospital physio told me that I would need to see her at 6 weeks post birth as I would need to start an extensive campaign to repair the muscle separation.
I attempted to wear the shorts for most of the day for the first 6 weeks. The only hard part for me was that with both of my bubs, they are summer babies, and on those 40 degree days it can be a bit hot to bother with the shorts.

But other than this I was very consistent and you know what, when that Physio appointment rolled around, the physio was absolutely shocked by how much the separation had reduced in such a short space of time.
With pregnancy and birth #2 (also caesar) I had the same degree of separation and the shorts were invaluable in assisting not only with the recovery, but again the same separation issues.

With both pregnancies I found myself leaving the hospital with what looked like a 'fairly' flat tummy. Most of that illusion was the shorts...

I don't have a lot of pics of me post birth (who doesn't' avoid the camera like the plague after birth?!), but this is the closest I could find to show you my tummy. It was taken 6 days after Miss C arrived (pregnancy #2). Sure I am definitely no Miranda Kerr post birth, but I think the shorts do a pretty grand job of tucking it all in!

What I loved...

  • I loved the 'illusion' of a flat tummy. Even though it is suggested to wear these for the first 6 weeks, I found it hard to say goodbye to my old friends, because I loved the support and the shape that they gave me!
  • These were easy to wear under clothes and on those hot summer days I wore them alone with a t-shirt (just around the house)
  • Not having to pay for expensive post birth physio - these were all that I needed to get amazing results 
  •  The shorts gave me a lot more 'mobility' with moving around post C-section
  • That they actually do really work - miracle shorts!

What I didn't love...

  • I am not going to sugar-coat it, these things are not cheap. But hey, anything pregnancy and baby related usually comes at a price. These retail at $189.00, but my goodness are they worth every single cent!
  • If you are planning to have more than one baby, you can pack these away for next time as well. If not, they seem to fetch very high prices on Ebay if you want to sell on
  • The cost can also be reduced as many health funds do offer a rebate
  • The colour. Because my babies were born in summer, I was wearing light floaty dresses. I would have loved a 'nude' pair that would be better to wear under clothes instead of the black 

Advice for Buying...

It can be a bit confusing to select sizes as you don't exactly know what you are going to be like post birth. My advice (if in doubt) is to size down.
For example I was a size medium, but a few weeks in to the recovery I could have gone to a size small. You don't want these to be loose, they need to be tight to do their magic!

Like to Try?

If you are currently pregnant, just had a bub or even thinking about one - then stay tuned to the blog as I have a giveaway for one reader to win a pair starting tomorrow - stay tuned!
If you have any questions or further information you would like on these, feel free to drop me a line! Otherwise you can check out the range and purchase right here.

Ladies if I can suggest one 'must have' for the hospital bag, these would be right at the top of my list!
Tried these? Did they help you post pregnancy too? Love to hear your experience.

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