Monday, 27 October 2014

My Must Have Buys to Organise a Home Office on a Budget

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My office space is a little nook that we created when we did an extension a few years ago. It was a bit of a void space in a living room extension (due to our funny block and house position) and so we decided to convert the space in to a little area for me and it has worked brilliantly.
Because this space is so teeny tiny, it is really important that I keep it tidy and organised, otherwise it becomes a bit claustrophobic in here!
As you know, I am firm believe that you don't need to spend big bucks to get organised. So today I share a few of my favourite budget office organising buys that I have in my home to tame and organise my office space.

The Inspiration and Organisation Board

Image Source and to Buy
It organises, sorts and inspires and is an absolute steal at $7.99 from Ikea.
Customise yours with a sample pot of paint around the frame to match the colour scheme in your office. You will find mine painted in mint - of course!

The humble pin board is my absolute must buy for any office space.

The Paperwork, Letter and File Organiser

Image Source and To Buy
Typo is such a haven for budget friendly Office Organisation ideas.
I adore this Mail Box stand, it is not just great for letters and bills, but I use mine as a bit of a storage unit for my notepads, lists, diary and bits and pieces. It is much more compact than the traditional rack desk organiser (and so much prettier) if you are short on space like me.
Hard to believe it is only $9.99 (and even less if you wait til the next 30% off sale like I did!).

The Filing Cabinet

Filing cabinets can be darn expensive. If you are organising a home office and don't really need a lock feature to secure your office items, then consider masquerading a bedside table as a filing cabinet, I have!
Image Source and To Buy
Check budget friendly furniture shops such as Fantastic Furniture, Super A Mart and even the Reject Shop for a basic drawer unit that shouldn't cost you more than $50.00.
This particular unit is from Deals Direct and is a great buy for only $49.00.

The All in One Organiser

Store, Organise and Stash Pins, Paperclips, Washi Tape, Stamps, Elastic Bands, Pens - the list goes on!
Image Source and To Buy
Image Source and To Buy
For only $3.95, these Mason Jars (top image) from Typo can organise just about everything in your home office.
The Skurar Candle Holder (bottom image) from Ikea is $2.99 and another perfect budget option to store your office essentials.

So there you have it, just a few ideas from my own little office space.

Do you have any budget office organising buys that you would care to share? Love to hear them...


  1. Allison, I'd love to see your office space. It sounds small but totally functional. I'm also wanting to do something similar in our house, but am struggling with how to keep it usable AND pretty :)
    Pictures please !!!

    1. Hi Anon! It is very small, but it was the most clever thing we did in our last extension! We are doing a similar concept in the new extension, but making this a mudroom/storage room. It is about trying to make the best of our funny shaped land!!

      I will definitely share some pictures as soon as our house is back to normal post extension - that better be soon!!


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