Sunday, 12 October 2014

Organising my Closet for Spring and Summer and My Clothes Sale

Happy Sunday Folks!
I have been spending most of my weekend knee deep in my closet this weekend trying to sort, organise, purge and sell off some of my clothes. I have also donated a heap to charity along the way.
I literally have 4 closets full to the brim of clothes, so it is definitely time for a big clean up before my new walk in robe is ready. Which at the rate our extension is going, won't be for another 40 years - haha!
During the week I purchased these Aldi space saving hangers and cannot wait to replace all of my mis-matched regular hangers with these and see if they really do save some space - will report back on that soon!
I created a Facebook album to sell off some of my clothes yesterday. If you missed it, some new things have been added and a few things are still for sale and you can access the album via Facebook here.
I plan to continue the sort today, so will be adding some new things for sale during the day today (Sunday) and over the next week or so too, so keep your eye on the Facebook page if you are after some new things for Spring and Summer!
Anything not sold on the page will be listed on Ebay - such a BIG job!
I am sad to let go of many of my pretty dresses like these ones, but I am planning to pool my money together for a new dining table and looking forward to simplifying my closet - watch this space!
If you are after a few tips on Organising your own closet, here is a post that a created a while ago.
Enjoy your weekend!

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