Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Coles Little Explorer Nappy Review - I took the 5 Day Nappy Change!

{Post Brought to you in Conjunction with Coles}
Coles have invited all Australian Mums to take part in their 5 Day Nappy Change to coincide with the launch of their new nappy line - the Coles Little Explorer range.
As every mum knows, the process of finding the perfect nappy can be super challenging and involves a whole load of trial and error (and sometimes a bit of mess in there too!). It is definitely one of the most important things to get right, as it can often be the deal breaker in having a night of uninterrupted sleep!  
The Coles Little Explorer Nappy range is an innovative line, which was launched in early October. The range is designed for newborns right up to Toddlers (and everything in between) and they are a versatile unisex design and style.

So what makes these so different?

Well, Coles have obviously done their homework and created a nappy that combines elements from other leading nappy brands and rolled them into one!
There are a few features that caught my interest... 
First up you have the 3-Layer Dry Tech Core, which they claim will provide protection against leakage and keep baby skin dry. 
They also have the 3-way active fit, designed for comfort and the fight against leakage (and those number 2 explosions!).  
They have obviously gone all out with the newborn design by incorporating an umbilical cord cut panel and the wetness indicator - perfect for those early newborn days (which I already miss so much!).

But do they work?

I was sent the Crawler size for Miss C to try out. This comes in a convenient 30 pack which is generally enough to see me through 4 or 5 days in an average week.
My first impressions of the brand were positive - I am a sucker for anything that works with my nursery decor after all  :-)
The gender neutral design was also a wee bit cute!
But aesthetics aside, I was actually very surprised at how plush the nappy was. Whenever I think 'home brand' I automatically think of nappies as thin as paper, but these very much dispel this misbelief with an ultra soft inner lining and side cuffs.
The design of the nappy with soft leg cuffs and stretchy waistband ensured a snug fit for Miss C that kept leakage (and any sign of #2 explosions) at bay. 

 Miss C has ultra sensitive skin and has on more than one occasion broken out with a rash when wearing certain brands of nappies. So I was pleasantly surprised that no redness, chafing or signs of a rash occurred whilst trialling the Little Explorer brand.
We all know that daytime nappy use can be a bit more straightforward than the night-time minefield. So when I first tried these overnight, I was a little bit nervous... but these did not cause any disruption to the overnight sleep (thank goodness) and Miss C still appeared dry in the morning. I don't like with some nappy brands the little trace of 'crystals' when the nappy becomes super wet overnight, so I was pleasantly surprised that these did not leave any indication or traces of these on the skin when left on for a long period.

And the cost?

All of the nappy convenience packs are priced at $9.99, making them a bit lighter on the hip pocket than some other brands.
For the Crawler pack of 30 nappies this equates to approx 33c per nappy versus 50c with one of the more popular nappy brands - a BIG saving when you go through as many as I do in a week!
If the thought of trying something new in the nappy department makes you a little bit nervous, rest assured that Coles do offer a full money back and satisfaction guarantee on their products, so you can be confident that if they don't meet your expectations, a refund can be had! 

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