Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Pottery Barn (and Co!) comes to Melbourne at Chadstone Shopping Centre...

Today was a day that I had been counting down to for a LONG time. It was the opening day for the very first Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids store here in Melbourne.
It also so happens that it opened up at Chadstone Shopping Centre, which is where you will frequently find me doing my groceries or shopping (window of course!) on a frequent basis. I know, having a store SO close to me is going to be very dangerous.
As the opening day drew closer, I did debate whether or not I would go. But in the end, the emails and Facebook hype got to me and so I went...
Chadstone Shopping Centre was sheer madness today. I don't know whether it was the Pottery Barn stuff, the VIP Day or the fact that Hi-5 were there, but it was out of control. Much like the hysteria of 23rd of December or Boxing Day sales, this was on the same scale of crazy.
Once I finally got a park (and walked for miles, passing Livinia Nixon on the way), I was actually surprised that there was no queue or crazy crowds in the Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, West Elm or Williams and Sonama stores.
I could have spent HOURS in these stores, they all interconnect to one another. But alas two grizzly kids definitely doesn't afford such luxuries, so it was a quick zoom around - not an easy task as these have not been set up in the most pram friendly fashion.
I actually didn't love Pottery Barn as much as I thought, but West Elm was divine and the prices weren't too out of control - on par with say a Freedom store I would say.
Pottery Barn Kids was just as I had always imagined - FABULOUS. It was amazing to see all of the products I have lusted over online, come to life in the store.
The rugs were amazing quality and so many gorgeous designs

These chairs are even more amazing in person!
I tell you what, this place is going to be a complete money pit for me - so many things that I adored and wanted for the kids. I will be definitely coming back here (on a quieter day with no kids) to look at some things for under the Christmas Tree and the kids birthdays too.
Sheets, Sheets and more Sheets!
The selection of kids bed sheets and linen was beyond gorgeous. I don't think you will get the same range, quality and gorgeous designs anywhere else and poor old Adairs Kids up the road was looking a wee bit quiet....

How cute is the tulle bed skirt?!
This will definitely be a regular stomping ground for me, so if you want me to check anything out for you in the flesh, please drop me a line - happy to assist with info or pics for those of you who don't have a store in your state and will be ordering online.
Did you venture to the opening day? What did you think?


  1. I ventured and loved it all. Did you taste that peppermint bark?? Yummo. And I agree,not pram friendly but I didn't take my pram and nearly lost my 2 year old a few times. Someone gave her a free teddy bear!

    1. Oh Natalie, I missed the Peppermint Bark and I missed you too - next time on both accounts :-)


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