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Project Cubby House: The Finished Product - our Havana Cubby House from Tuff Cubbies!

I hope that you enjoyed the Step by Step guide to putting selecting and putting together your Cubby House from Tuff Cubbies on Monday. Missed the post? You can read it here.
Today I am a little bit excited to be revealing the finished product.... 

Before the Furnishings! 


 And the Final Product...



What do you think?

Honestly, you cannot wipe the grin off Mr B's face (or get him out of here), he just loves it SO much!

As you can see from the images above, there is loads of playing space in the Havana Cubby House which is the base model in the Tuff Cubbies range. Being the base model definitely does not mean basic, this cubby really has it all :-)

Stockist of Products Used

The Cubby

Havana Model
Supplier: Tuff Cubbies
Cost: $899.00
Don't forget about your special discount when ordering! More information below...

Cubby Exterior

Waterproof Bunting (isn't this amazing)
Supplier: My Wonder Wall Art on Etsy
Cost: $30.00 for 3 metres (mine has been cut down to size)
I haven't seen a bunting that is suitable for outdoors before and Nicole (who is a Melbournite!) has so many colours and patterns to choose from - perfect for the cubby or even use on your outdoor living space too :-)
Artificial Flowers in Planter Pot
Supplier: Ikea
Cost: $7.99 per pot (I used two pots)
I plucked the flowers from the pots and popped them in place in the planter boxes using Florist Foam. This seems to be holding up okay in the rain and crazy Melbourne weather
Kids Ikea White Mammut Stool
Supplier: Ikea
Cost: $7.99
On a side note, why have they stopped making these in yellow?!
Crochet Ikea Stool Cover
Supplier: Coco and Scotch on Etsy
Cost: $15.00 (such a bargain!)
I had mine made up in a mix of Mint and Pink, but Lea has these in a variety of colours in her Etsy store. These would be perfect for kids bedrooms and playrooms too - which is where mine will reside once our play area is done - it is too nice for the cubby!
The letterbox. fence and deck are all included with the Tuff Cubbies kit - aren't they so cute?!

Cubby Interior

Dream Big Canvas
Supplier: Adairs
Cost: I purchased this on clearance a wee while ago for $9.99
Although this print is no longer available, you can check out their super affordable range here. At the time of writing this, there were canvas designs on there for $4.95!
Felt Ball Garland
Supplier: Mint Imprint on Etsy
Cost: $20.00
I cannot recommend Ally more highly, she is so lovely (and affordable) and has so many colours to choose from! While you are checking out her Etsy page, make sure you look at her fabulous wall art and party printables too :-)
Janod Toy Kitchen
Supplier: Lime Tree Kids
Cost: $189.95 (though I purchased when on sale last Christmas)
If this is a bit above budget, then Kmart have a brilliant option here for $85.00
Chair & Table Set
Supplier: Deals Direct
Cost: $69.95. Wait for a sale as I just picked this up on promotion for $49 with free shipping as well
If you are after an even more budget friendly option, you can check out my Budget DIY Ikea Table post here
A4 Sized Mini Blackboard
Supplier: Typo
Cost: $5.00 with any purchase a wee while ago. I can no longer see these online, but I am sure they will come around again soon - such a cute size!

To Do!

Of course, there are still plenty of things that we want to do to the cubby now that it is finished:

1. Add a large outdoor blackboard to the plain exterior side of the cubby wall
A cheap way to do this is by purchasing a Masonite Blackboard panel that you can find in the timber section of your local Bunnings. It is so cheap and light and easy to install with tacks or screws.

If you have a large cubby (and don't mind a bit of chalkdust inside) then this is also a great option to pop inside too!

2. Once our Outdoor Blackboard is up, I plan to remove the small one hanging on our Polka Dot wall. Instead I plan to create an area where Mr B can pop up his artwork creations on display in this space.

Image Source: Momma Rake

3. Pop a number on our Letter Box of course! Otherwise how will Santa, The Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny contact us?!

I will definitely keep you updated with progress pictures as things update out here, I can see that this is going to enjoy much love (and a few changes) over the years!

Now that you have seen the finished product and the step by step guide, do you have any questions that you would like me to answer? If so, please comment below, PM me on Facebook or contact me by email. I will address some questions in a post this week.

I cannot tell you enough just how amazing this product is, I think that the pictures speak for themselves in terms of the quality and just how gorgeous it is! If you are thinking about a Cubby for Christmas, this really is the ultimate Christmas gift that your kidlets will adore for many. many years.

Reader Offer

Tuff Cubbies have very kindly offered my Utterly Organised readers a very exclusive offer to own their own Cubby House from their extensive range.
To receive 10% off your order, simply quote UTTERLY when placing your order direct with the team (by phone or email).
For pricing, availability and orders you can contact Tuff Cubbies on their Facebook Page or by emailing
This offer is only valid from now until 31 December 2014 (or while stock lasts - and these sell like hotcakes!).
Offer is not valid on delivery. It does not apply to any sales, specials, discounts or promotional items. One claim per person.
More information during the week on this offer, but this is just in case you are BURSTING to place your order before then, I know I would be :-)
Don't forget that there will also be a giveaway to win some of the products I have used in my cubby above - stay tuned for that too this week! 


  1. Great cubby! Reminds me of the one dad (builder) made me when i was 10. I had a little plastic iron and ironing board, and a very basic kitchen where I'd remove the insides of Arnotts Fruit Pillow biscuits, roll it into balls, coat them with icing sugar and feed 'my cooking' to my dad (who years later told me he never looked forward to that!). All until one day I went into my cubby to play 'ironing' - picked up the iron and to my horror there was a very large huntsman sitting underneath! Never went in there again. So my recommendation, as a major arachnophobe, is a regular spraying of your cubby to ensure it's always a happy place! - Colleen.

    1. Oh my goodness Colleen, no wonder you have never forgotten that :-( A few frieends have told us to do this regularly as well, so I definitely will.

      My Mum actually purchased from an op shop a little iron and ironing board. I am wanting to make a new cover for it and pop it in.

      Thank you so much for your time to comment x


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