Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Project Extension: The End is Near, but SO Far!

These has been SO much happening in the world of Project Extension, I really don't know where to start...
When I last updated you, I was waiting on the bricklayer to start... well he started and is still going... This guy seems to come and go as he pleases and lays at the rate of two bricks a day - so it seems! So the brickwork is still going, much to our frustration... 
Looks a bit ugly at the moment, but we will have all of the outside rendered over the next week or so (if he ever finishes the job).
The inside has seen massive progress, at long last the plastering has been done. I had forgotten just how hard plaster dust is to contain - boy!

The new Lounge - the air con was where the old wall finished

A few hiccups, areas that required them to come back again (and again) to fix up, but we are almost there now.
The skirtings/architraves have been popped on - another drama which saw us a few days behind because they couldn't get the right style for us.

The new 4th bedroom

The much anticipated Walk In Robe!!!
 The doors have also been put on in the rooms, cupboards etc.
Looks like another HUGE week this week. We are madly trying to paint EVERYTHING in readiness for our carpets and flooring going down.
The roof is getting sprayed next week - finally goodbye to that horrid Terracotta!
I have selected the blinds for the new spaces, which are getting made at the moment.
We have ordered a new front door as ours just wasn't letting in enough light in the entrance way as you can see from the below.

The Old Door, just a wee bit dark!

The new entrance hall - the door ahead is the mud/storage room. Where the carpet stops is actually where our front door used to be, hard to believe!
The new door should go in this week too, I hope it makes a BIG difference with the light factor.
I have ordered a new couch and dining table - these get delivered on Friday and the old stuff has been sold and goes out on Saturday.
I need some advice on finalising an entry hall table and a mirror - so expect to see some posts very soon!
We have been busy trying to design our front landscaping. So many plans on that we need to finalise and book in so that we get it all done for Chrissie.
We have come so far, but I still feel like we have so long to go. We are all still sleeping in Mr B's room (on a mattress on the floor), tired and cranky with one another. I cannot wait to get our lives back, it has been 4 months and we have had enough!
And Mr Bricklayer if you are reading this - GET MOVING!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the inspiration to renovate the house! We decided to renovate too. But we didn't have that much courage to do everything on our own so we ahd the renovation done in bits & pieces and to end up the whole thing we got Professional Residential Painters in Melbourne to do the paints for us!!


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