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dish'd Food Store Review and Giveaway

{This product talk is brought to you by Nuffnang and dish'd}
Gourmet Frozen Food?!
Frozen Food that is Gourmet?!
It is definitely not often that you see the terms Gourmet and Frozen Food thrown together in the same sentence is it?! Well dish'd Food Store is a new and super exciting brand in the market place that is set to change the way we (and our tastebuds) think about frozen food.

But this is not your average frozen food I might add. The dish'd menu is extensive and features a range of high quality frozen meals, meats and desserts. All items have been frozen fresh to retain their nutritional and flavour credentials, and you can taste it!
Servicing Melbourne and Sydney (Metro) areas, you simply order online and have your food conveniently delivered to your door the very next day - simple! 

Each dish has been thoroughly tested and many researched in consultation with professional chefs such as Chef Jacques Raymond (seriously!). Dishes are from various cuisines from around the globe, with a heavy feature of our family favourite - Italian!!
I was given the opportunity to try these for myself and boy oh boy, it was hard not to order everything from the menu - take a look for yourself - it will make your mouth water!
Here are my thoughts on the food and the experience...

The Website...

First up was trying out the website - this was a cinch!

Someone has put a lot of time and effort in to developing a site which is completely user friendly.

Absolutely love being able to read the reviews on the various dishes/products as well as the ingredients, nutritional information and how to prepare at the same time.
Score: 10/10 - Website was flawless. Only issue was mopping up the drool from my keyboard while I browsed!

The Delivery...

I placed my order very late (close to midnight) one night fully expecting to have missed the cut off for 'next day' delivery. In spite of this, I was able to check the box for next day delivery.
If you want to order items for a special event or occasion (and don't have the room in your freezer to store), you can nominate a future date as well - how great is that for Chrissie time or for events?

When I woke up the next day I received a text message advising me that my goodies were on board with a driver for delivery that day.

What I love about dish'd is that you don't need to be home to accept the delivery. I provided authority to leave my dish'd goodies on my porch so I didn't need to wait home all day - so convenient if you are at work during the business day.

I was actually not at home when the delivery arrived, but instead I received an sms to alert me to the fact that these had been delivered.

When I arrived home (very excited I might add!), I found the items to be safely popped out of the shade on our front porch. Items were well packaged in a container with dry ice. The contents were perfectly frozen when I went to unpack.

Score: 9/10 - Delivery was great. So prompt and loved the SMS updates.

With the packaging materials, would be great if there was a next day service where you had your container/dry ice collected. It is quite bulky and hard to dispose of. They do offer a collection with your next order, which is a great recycling initiative!

And the Food...

Well as you can see, I ordered quite the little haul here! But I placed my order with Christmas in mind, the sweet treats and desserts (Baked Lemon Tart and Chocolate Ganache and Salted Caramel Tart) are going to save me a bit of baking come 23rd of December - cannot wait to try these out!

So far we have tried:

Mozzerella and Pesto Pizza: This was a HUGE hit! Full of flavour and didn't taste at all like the cardboard variants that you usually find in the freezer aisle.

Perfect to serve up with your Sunday Spag Bol!

Vegetable Lasagne: I found this to be a little bit salty for my liking and the hubby complained about the mushrooms, probably wouldn't order this one again.

Castella and Mascarpone Ravioli: Loved this! Full of flavour and tasted just like homemade fresh pasta. Mr B woofed it down and asked for seconds!

Ricotta and Spinach Tortelli Mezzaluna: This had to be my favourite! Loved the butter and sage sauce and the Tortelli was so tasty.

The portion size was generous too.

Potato Dauphinos: This is a fancy word for a fabulous potato bake. So easy to bake - literally pour the packet below in a dish and bake.

Perfect for Chrissie day - why peel potatoes when you can sip bubbly and pop this in the oven instead? Exactly!!

This will definitely be making its' way back in to a meal at our house soon. Was amazing served with roast chicken and veggies.

Score: Overall 8/10. The taste was definitely what you expect from your average frozen meal. The portion sizes were good. All (apart from the lasagne), I would gladly have on my plate again.

I cannot wait to try the rest out over the festive season - especially that Chocolate Tart which is taunting me each time I open up our freezer door!

Would I order again?!

Absolutely! We have never been big freezer eaters, but I can totally see how convenient it is to stash away some high quality meals like these for hot summer nights when you don't want to be slaving over a hot stove or just to give yourself a well earned night off from the kitchen!

The extensive finger food range would be perfect for parties and festive occasions such as Christmas - which is when I plan to whip out that Salted Caramel number (if I can hold out that long!!)

Price wise the meals were comparable with what you would get at your local Coles or Wollies, but far more superior in quality.

dish'd also have a brilliant introductory offer on at the moment, whereby orders over $50.00 receive a $30.00 saving and free delivery too. This is such a great opportunity to try it out and stock the freezer for the holiday season at the same time!

Want to try dish'd too?

Now for your chance to try it out yourself, I have a $50.00 gift voucher for one very lucky ready. Simply follow the Rafflecopter prompts below and be sure to leave a comment below telling me what you would add to your cart from the dish'd range if you were the lucky winner.

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- dish'd currently only service Melbourne and Sydney metro areas, so recipient must live within these areas
- Winner MUST leave a blog comment below as a condition of entry (mandatory)
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Good Luck!!


  1. I would love to try the Mozzerella and Pesto pizza and also the Ricotta and Spinach Tortelli. I'm also waiting for you to send me your address for Christmas dessert :-)
    This looks great for busy families like mine. Great blog!

  2. Definitely trying the veggie lasagna and other veggies dishes.

  3. Wow! This is home delivery for grownups, so much better than the random freezer meals at the supermarket! I would order the Vegatarian Lasagne to have put aside for the Vegetarian friend of my teeenage daughter who I often find it hard to cater to, but I would definately have to order the Chocolate Petit Fours so that I have something AMAZING on hand the next time we entertain.

  4. The ricotta and spinach tortelli sounds delicious and would definitely be my first pick!

  5. The pizzas look absolutely divine.

  6. Pizza! I cannot get a pizza delivered in my town, so I would LOVE a pizza I don't have to make.

  7. Chocolate prague cake looks delish, would love to try one of their Pasta dishes or maybe the chiefs choice of the day.

  8. I'd order the Snow Berry Smoothie Fruit. It would be the perfect start to my morning on those rushed school days with little time for me.

  9. I'm not in their area but it looks great! I've always wondered what would happen if you aren't home for the delivery - that SMS notification is a great idea :)

  10. Would love to try the choc salted caramel tart yummmm - maybe for Xmas day!

  11. Not sure if my first comment came up, but anyway... Of course it has to be the choc salted caramel tart!!! All in the name if research of course ;)

  12. The Sicilian Lemon Gelato.Sometimes after a big meal, you don't feel like heavy dairy based desert, but a light refreshing fruity gelato.

  13. The delicious Summer berries... they look so delectably fresh and perfect for popping in my mouth poolside (while I'm house-sitting... but let me live my dream! ;) )

  14. It's New Year's Eve at my place this year!... It's easy dish'd catering with SUMMERTIME ENTERTAINING and INTERNATIONAL TAPPAS packs for me!

    And that Chocolate PRAGUE CAKE for the morning after! :)


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