Thursday, 21 May 2015

Pregnancy Cravings

The idea of a pregnancy craving is a little different when you are a hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) sufferer. Instead of having normal weird and wonderful pregnancy cravings, you spend most of your pregnancy trying to work out what the heck won't make you vomit - for 5 minutes at least!

The first 20 odd weeks for me are spent existing off very little - mainly just fluids from a drip in the hospital every few weeks. But whatever you do, please don't mention to me (or any other HG sufferer) to try dry biscuits or anything ginger related - trust me it is like waving a red flag at a bull!
Towards the end of my pregnancies, I start to be able to eat a little again. My pregnancy diet is far from normal (I would hate you to think Tim Tam's is my normal breakfast food!), instead I try and just stick to whatever I can possibly keep down and gosh has this varied from pregnancy to pregnancy...

Pregnancy 1 - Mr B

Toast with vegemite
Sounds simple enough right? Wrong! It had to be made with thick, fresh white bread (toast slice) with lashings of butter and a thin scraping of vegemite and heaven help it if the order of these two was confused!!
Of the salted variety that you can buy in the little multi packs. This used to get me through the car ride back when I was working and I swear every time you opened my car door, a flood of popcorn would pop (pardon the pun) out - that stuff used to go everywhere!!
Apple and blackcurrant Juice or Ribena
The more sugary the better!!

Pregnancy 2 - Miss C

Plain Salted Corn Chips
For so much of my pregnancy these were the only thing that I could stomach and honestly I should have taken out shares in Doritos I ate so many packets!
Another daily staple for me! Normally of the French Cheesecake variety, but I was also a bit partial to the Cookies and Cream too.
Freshly Squeezed Juice
The only goodness I was able to have literally in my pregnancy. My juice combo of choice was apple, orange (not too much!), pineapple and watermelon. Quite an expensive daily habit as hubby used to bring this to me after work each day at $7 a pop!

Pregnancy 3 - Mystery Gender Bub!

Burger Rings
I don't think these guys have made my shopping trolley in the last decade or so, but boy have they been a saviour to get through these last few weeks!
Chockie Bicckies!
Well not just biscuits to be honest, this baby is partial to any sort of chocolate! It wouldn't be an average day if I didn't start it with a Tim Tam (or ten), Mint Slice or Violet Crumble (another thing I don't think I have eaten since I was a child!!). For the last week or so I have tried to revert back to my 'normal' yoghurt and fruit, only to find myself super ill after it. Tim Tam's it is...
Lime Cordial
Trying to limit myself to one or two glasses a day. But now that I can finally stomach any sort of liquid, this is my drink of choice - no idea why!!

Glucose test next week - I hope all of that chocolate doesn't tip me over the edge!

Very funny (now!!) to look back at the things that I was able to eat during my shocker pregnancies (all worth it though). Would love to hear the different things that made your pregnancy craving list too....

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