Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Bump Update - Almost There!!!!

Well folks this will be the first (and most likely the last) picture of the bump that I post, because as I am told "I am HUGE this pregnancy". Yeah thanks for that....
In the past I don't think that I have felt (or looked) this big until I was waddling in to the hospital to have the baby, so goodness knows what I am going to look like in 5 or so weeks time! I am refusing to step anywhere near the scales this time around...
We had a bit of a scare with the baby's kidneys at the 20 week scan and so have spent the last few months worried about what this will all mean. At a further specialist scan last week we received the great news that the condition seems to have corrected itself for now, we will need more tests though once bubs once his/her grand entrance!

At this same scan, I was told that baby was already measuring 2 and a bit weeks ahead and she told me (in no uncertain terms) that this is going to be one BIG baby (and to speak to my ob about delivery dates!). Apparently bub is in the 97th percentile - no idea why he/she is so big this time around.
Definitely such a relief to hear that everything looks okay with bubs, I am such a worrier during pregnancy from start to finish (and then forever after!).

As for the sickness, I have had a shocking few days stuck in bed where it has ramped up again. I am still so weak and cannot do very much each week. Still so much to do/organise before bubs comes, but I will have to take it as it comes (yeah easier said than done!).
We still don't know the gender, so any 'bump' experts, what do you think? Boy or Girl?! I am still thinking boy...

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