Wednesday, 22 July 2015

EasiYo Product Review

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If there is one thing in this house that sends me broke (apart from nappies!!) it has to be yoghurt.
We eat it by the bucket load in our home - all 4 of us. It really does cost us a small fortune and I estimate that on our weekly shopping bill that I spend close to $40 a week on yoghurt alone. Crazy!!
In an effort to cut down our shopping bill, I have always wondered about the prospect of trying my own yoghurt at home. But to be honest I was always put off by the hassle of doing it (would it be hard) and the taste (would it be yuk) and also what on earth would actually be inside those packet mix sachets.
When I was offered the chance to try out the EasiYo maker, I was really interested to give it a shot. I have to say a big thank you to the readers on my Facebook and Instagram pages that answered all of my questions before I started, definitely helped me loads!
Okay so this is how I went....

Attempt 1: Strawberry Yoghurt

Hard to believe that with a bit of water, a sachet and a shake that you can actually make yoghurt! My first batch was made during the day using the EasiYo Strawberry Flavour sachet.
I popped it on the bench for 10 hours during the day and before I went to sleep, I popped it in the fridge overnight and woke up to this...

It was perfect! So thick and creamy - just the way we love our yoghurt in our house. The strawberry flavour was divine and within the day, the full 1 kilo was devoured and loved by all.
It seemed a bit too easy!!

Attempt 2: Passionfruit Greek Yoghurt

For attempt two, I decided to try out the EasiYo Passionfruit Greek flavour. This time I mixed up at night, left overnight (for 11 hours) and popped this in the fridge first thing in the morning. I then left it in the fridge to cool and set further for most of the day and ended up with this...

Unfortunately I have to say that batch #2 was definitely not the success that #1 was. It was much runnier in consistency and not thick and creamy like I loved the first time. Because Melbourne was so darn cold that night (down to 0 degrees), I think this is what contributed to the failure of this batch. I am told that these cold nasty nights can play havoc on achieving yoghurt perfection!
I have since resorted back to making during the day and have been achieving results the same as batch #1 - yay!!

What I loved:

* The ease: Seriously it is so darn easy to mix up and make yoghurt and literally took only a few minutes to get the batch underway and all you need is water!
* The flavours: There are SO many different flavours to choose from. We love the Strawberry and the Greek Yoghurt with Honey the best so far
* The cost and savings: The sachets are only around the $4.50 mark per sachet and this makes up a kilo of yoghurt. This is a HUGE saving for us as we typically buy the Jalna Yoghurt ($7 for 1 kilo) or the 5AM Yoghurt (almost $7 for 700g) for the kids, eating per week a few tubs of each. For hubby and I, we have been previously eating the Gippsland Dairy yoghurt (pregnancy craving) which is $7 for a 720g sized tub
* Convenience: I'm always found mid week doing one or two top up shops that usually consist of yoghurt because we go through it so fast. I love the concept that I can stock up on as many sachets as I like at a time and they won't go out of date or take up valuable fridge space. This is going to be an absolute life saver when #3 comes and it won't be as easy to nip out!
Sachets can be easily picked up at your local Woolies or Big W, both of which are super handy options for me
* Health Benefits: I try to be very conscious when it comes to what I feed the kiddos. The EasiYo sachets contain only natural ingredients with no additives or stabilisers. They are also loaded with probiotics too.  They also don't contain any gluten, wheat or meat products (such a gelatine) for those following special diets.
I love that they also have an unsweetened version so you add in your own 'flavour' with honey, fresh fruits or anything else that you like!

What wasn't so great...

* A toddler asking me every 30 seconds if the yoghurt was set yet - all day!! Yep this drove me insane, he didn't quite grasp the whole 'setting' concept!
All in all, I really found this product to be a worthwhile (and small investment) that every family should make if you too love your yoghurt! The actual machine can be purchased for under $25 also at your local Woolies or Big W store.
Do you have one? Love it? What are your favourite flavours?
Love to hear your thoughts...


  1. Loved reading your blog about the yoghurt maker Allison! Woolies have them for half price at the moment and I'm considering getting one.

    1. Hi Shaz, definitely worth trying out if you (and the boys) go through as much yoghurt as we do. You can also purchase squeezie pouches to put them in if the boys usually take to crèche/school too xx


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