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My Hospital Bag Essentials... A peek inside my bag!

With my first pregnancy, I was told to expect bubs to arrive late (being my first bub and all). So you could say that I was caught completely unawares when Mr B arrived at 38 weeks. So much so, that I did not have my hospital bag completely packed when my waters broke at 2am one night (it was almost like a movie!).
It is no word of a lie that my hubby dropped me off at the hospital, made sure I was okay (I was put in a bed to rest as I had no contractions), went home to clean the carpet up and packed some clothes for me. The selection of clothes that he made on my behalf (I know he tried!) meant that I pretty much spent that whole stay in the one nightie!!
Needless to say, each pregnancy since, I have always tried to ensure that the hospital bag is ready to go nice and early!!
So what do I pack...

My SRC Shorts

BEST. THINGS. EVER! If you missed my review on these amazing shorts last year, you can catch that here.

These shorts are the ultimate in recovering post C-section. They go a long way to help regain stomach muscles (not sure if I have any left), assist in muscle separation and body shape. To be honest, I think the recovery from #3 is going to be a BIG challenge given the large size of bubs (and me right now!) so these were the first thing packed!!

Nighties, Slippers & Dressing Gown

Some people love PJ's, but personally I adore good old fashioned nighties for breastfeeding at all hours. The ones that have the button down front are super hard to come by (trust me I have been trying to stockpile for months). My picks here are Kmart, Sussan and Target.
Definitely size up here because there is nothing worse than clingy clothes or nightwear on a post baby body.
I also think a new pair of slippers are a must for any hospital stay - these ones are also from Sussan - cute right?!
I am still on the hunt for a new dressing gown - that is my mission for this week...

Feeding Pillow & Burp Cloths


Right up there with one of the first things to go in the bag! Makes breast feeding (with a C-section) so much easier and comfortable. 

Super Comfy Clothes

Having a C-section is definitely very sore for the first few weeks and finding comfy clothes that don't cut in or press on your healing body can be tough. I absolutely adore the look of the range by SRC which has been specially designed with healing, post surgery and breastfeeding in mind!


SRC have very kindly sent to me several items from their 'Essentials' range above to try out post baby and I cannot wait to do just that! The range is made from the softest, softest fabric and they look to have nailed fashionable yet super flattering post partum wear.

The first item to try out is the Navy/White Stripe Feeding tank which retails at $49.95 - also available in a super cute polka dot print and classic black too. This design is actually perfect for me to wear now in pregnancy (with stretchy side panels), but I am choosing to save for the hospital.

I also have the 3/4 Sleeve Feeding Top in Grey Marle (also available in white or black). This top is also going to be perfect for breastfeeding and looks so comfy that I am going to need to get one in each colour! This retails at $59.95.

The Waterfall Cardigan in Grey Marle is going to be living in my closet well past the baby days! Super comfy and flattering (do you sense a theme here?!) with its' drape front fit and longer length, this might just be seen on the kinder run this week... Retailing for $69.95, you can also get this in black too.

The Black Jersey Pants ($69.95) feel like a dream come true, cannot wait to try these on post baby! Love that as your tummy shrinks (here's hoping!), you can adjust the waist band to suit.

I was also sent the super gorgeous Coral/White Striped Feeding Dress ($69.95), but this one will be saved for post baby outings in Spring and not for the hospital.

I will pop a full review up on these once bub arrives and I have given these a good road test, but until then I do have the chance for a lucky reader to also try out a piece from the range for themselves - stay tuned for that this week.
Whether it be a holiday (or a hospital stay), I always prefer to take my clothes on a hanger in the car and pop in the wardrobe when I arrive. 

Baby Clothes

With all of my pregnancies, I never know the gender of bubs which makes packing a little bit frustrating for someone as OCD as me!
First time around it was all about grey and white and a swag of gender neutral outfits.
Second time around I was a bit smarter than that - or so I thought! In addition to a little grey and white, I packed a lot of navy and baby blue. You see I was 110% convinced that our Miss C was a 'he'. So much to my surprise (and delight!), all of the boys clothes that I had packed up had to be returned and exchanged by hubby while I was in hospital.
This time around I am again convinced that I am having a little boy. But after last time, I have decided to pack a bit of grey and mint, and purchase outfits for both genders.

 As you can see, the pile of blue is greater than the pink pile, but we will see if I am right...
So the idea here is that the gender specific clothes will be handed to my Mum and she can wash whatever pile is needed while I am in hospital. The other pile will be returned to the shops post bub for refund. To me, this will be a lot easier (and less stress) than having shop-phobic hubby try to buy again!

Another thing that I do is pack babies 'first outfit' and pop it in a plastic/sandwich bag right at the top of my case.

That way when I get to hospital, it is not a mad panic to sort through everything.

Swaddles and Baby Blankets

Having a Winter bub has meant that the thin muslin wraps I used for the other two summer bubs are a bit redundant this time around. But I still have some of the 'warmer' blankets from Mr B and Miss C that can easily double up as swaddles for the early days.

Upon recommendation, I have also purchased some Country Road wraps which were recently on sale for $20.00 (from $45.00).
I plan to purchase some gender specific blankets and a pram blanket once bubs arrives, but this lot will definitely tide me over!

Beauty Products

This pregnancy I have been far too sick (and lazy) to care too much about make up and skin, so I cannot see my motivation returning in hospital. I have packed the bare essentials when it comes to beauty stuff:
- Shower Cap
- Cleanser, Toner & Moisturiser
- Soap and Shower Gel
- Lip Balm
- Tinted Moisturiser (in case I do get motivated to 'doll' up!!)
- Paw Paw Cream (I don't go anywhere without this!)
- Brush and Hair Ties

The hospital that I will be at supplies most of the nappies and wipes, so it is a few less things to pack.

Breast Pads, Pads & Wipes


Not very glamorous, but so very essential.  


Goes without saying - just don't forget to charge up and pack the charger as well - we've all been there before!!

I do have large (and I mean large) comfy undies and slingshot sized maternity bras in the bag - but in the interests of not frightening you all, I didn't think a picture was needed!!
So what have I forgotten?!



  1. Hoping you have more pads than I pack ? I know I've always gone through a ton! Or is Tim going to buy you some more ☺️

    1. Haha, yup there are a few more to go in the bag :-)

  2. Hi, I thought I posted yesterday but it hasn't appeared! I was just wondering where you got they baby wraps from... particularly the cloud ones... Baby Number 3 is due in November (little girl for me) and I am also going for a cloud theme :)

    1. Hi Corinne,

      Firstly CONGRATS to you!

      The thicker cloud wrap is from Cotton On Kids (grey with white) and the thinner one (white with grey) is from Country Road (I also have a matching bodysuit).

      Unfortunately the CR one is from when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter (who is now 18 months) and the Cotton On one is from 6 months ago - sorry you might not have much luck with the CR one but maybe contact Cotton On head office to see if any are still around of the other?

      I will more than likely be having another 'baby' sale on my Facebook Page in October or so to sell off my ex-baby stuff so you never know these may turn up there too :-)

    2. Thanks heaps! CR have a grey / blue cloud blankets on their website - so I will have check them out :) I will also watch out for your sale :))


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