Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My Visit to the Officeworks 3D Printing Experience Centre

{Post brought to you in conjunction with Officeworks}

Last month I took my heavily pregnant self off to check out the brand spanking new Officeworks 3D Printing Experience Centre right here in Melbourne town. The Centre is currently the one and only in all of Australia and resides within the Russell Street store (awesome Officeworks store by the way) right in the heart of the CBD.

I was promised the opportunity to try out the new 3D printing technology and create the ultimate in 'selfies' - a Mini Me!
This is literally a Scan and Print service whereby you stand in a little booth surrounded by a lot (and I mean a lot) of 3D cameras which scan from every angle and then print up a lifelike miniature version of yourself.

The 3D Scanning Booth

Now I was 'very' nervous about creating a replica of my fat pregnant self (and seeing myself from every angle too). But I figured that this would be an amazing little keepsake for me (and bubs) to look back and laugh (hopefully!) at how big I was this pregnancy.

The scan process was super quick and only took a few seconds in the booth to capture all of the images needed.

From there I selected the size of the model that I was after (3 sizes available) and the material desired (5 to choose from) and locked in my order. You don't get the final product on the day, instead the data is sent offsite to print and arrives in store ready to collect in approx. 14 days.
The pricing on a 'Mini Me' ranges from $39 - $579 and is dependent on what finish and size you elect. Here is (mini) me...

I selected a Powder Finish in a Medium Size which is priced at $199.00. As you can see, the 3D 'Mini Me' definitely is very detailed and captures every lump and bump!

In addition to the 'Mini Me' printing, the 3D Centre also allows you to bring in your own 3D file or object and have it printed up in your choice of material, colour and size.

I decided to try out this technology to create a little keepsake of Mr B's most prized possession - his Peter Rabbit teddy of course! For those not familiar with 'Petey', Mr B has been unable to do anything - sleep, eat, play or exist without this fluff ball since day dot. It is definitely well loved and I imagine in a few years will disintegrate to nothing due to constant 'love'.

By capturing him in a 3D model/doll, I can pop this away for him to treasure in his keepsake box for long after Petey is no longer with us (what a sad day this will be!).
When the finished Peter Rabbit arrived, I was absolutely blown away! It just looked like our soft and cuddly Petey. The detail captured by this technology was just amazing and so life-like. Mr B absolutely loved it - and of course there were fights between him and Miss C as to who was going to hold it - ahh the fun of two!!
If you'd like to get this technology in your home or office, the Russell St store also have a range of 3D hardware and consumables available to purchase too.

A big thank you to Officeworks for letting me try out this amazing technology. Both the 'Mini Me' and 'Petey' are headed straight to the memory box for Mr B and baby #3!
Visit the 3D landing page and tell me, what favourite object of yours would you get scanned and printed in 3D/what would you do with your very own Mini Me.



  1. That's awesome! How much was Peter? I'm hoping to bring my bunny in to get her immortalized too!

  2. Your new project was a great idea. That office looks like it is really modern and fun. You look great by the way. When I was pregnant, I do not even know if I could have posted a picture of myself on the Web;) What a great idea to use 3-D printing to capture some memories that will last forever.

    Faye Fowler @ Master Copy Print


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