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Skip Hop Grand Central Nappy Bag Review

One month (yikes!!) to go and things are starting to seem a little bit more real with #3 arriving in to the family. So much still to do and organise, but at least I have one thing ticked off my list thanks to The Stork Nest - a nappy bag!!

I was recently given the opportunity to try out a nappy bag through The Stork Nest (thank you guys!) and I was pretty darn excited about it too. You see I have never really owned a true nappy bag before now - I know - shock horror!
For the past almost 4 years, I have just been using a tote/beach bag (that I purchased from Valley Girl) in conjunction with a change mat. Yup it has been less than ideal, and has usually meant that in addition to this bag, I have had to lug around an additional smaller bag (Cotton On Kids Backpack) for snacks/cups/food, just so that I could fit everything I need in.

With 3, aged 3 and under, a true nappy bag was really becoming a necessity for me this time around. Not only will I have 2 full time in nappies (my goodness how poor am I going to be!), but I will need to lug around all of the other accoutrements that go along with 3 kids (not just nappies - but snacks, bottles, drink bottles, wipes, spare clothes).... and then there are my things too!
I gotta tell you, picking just one nappy bag from the extensive Stork Nest range wasn't easy - I was like a kid in a candy store! There are so many gorgeous brands and designs to choose from in their range.
In the end I opted for the 'Grand Central' Skip Hop Nappy Bag in the black and white stripe.

I wanted something neutral, classic and that looked big enough for my needs (but not too big at the same time). I also wanted something that could double as a beach and swimming bag when we head to the pool each week for swimming lessons. The print is also not too girly for those times that hubby will be carrying this around for me!

Outing #1: The Shops!

So what do I take with me to the shops?


At the moment a shopping trip looks a little like this:

- Nappies & Wipes for Miss C
- Hand Sanitiser, Tissues and Creams
- Toy and Book for Miss C (because she cannot sit still)
- Snacks and Drinks for both kids (and me!)
- Spare Pants for Miss C (the most accident prone girl in town with a drink)
- My Wallet, Phone, Keys & Sunglasses (for all)
- Change Mat

Actually at the moment my bag is not too cluttered at all, but my goodness, this is going to triple when #3 arrives. This is going to mean the addition of more nappies, dummies, bottles, baby food, spare clothes and additional items to keep bubs entertained.... anything else I have forgotten?!

Outing #2: Swimming!

What do I try and squeeze in for swimming each week?


Well my swimming bag looks much the same as a shopping trip, but with the addition of:
- Spare Clothes for Mr B
- Towel for Mr B

At the moment we just have Mr B doing lessons, but Miss C will be starting lessons in September so again this is going to double as I add in her swim nappy, spare clothes and towel too!

Even though my needs as going to increase dramatically with another bub, the bag still has plenty of room to cope with these extras.

What I loved about the Bag...

* So many pockets and sections!! All up there are 11 pockets in total and the bag has three fabulous sized sections so I can compartmentalise and have a section for baby, me and 'the toddlers'.

* I love that it comes with a co-ordinating change mat - I love a bit of matchy matchy!

* Insulated size pockets to keep drinks and bottles at the right temperature (and upright!). These side pockets are HUGE and each can fit two large sized drink bottles in each (4 at least in total)

* The bag attached neatly over the handles of our Baby Bogger Pram with special stroller straps that clip over any stroller/pram that you are using. The bag also stowed easily in the generous basket under our pram (one of the features I adore about our pram is the basket space!).

* The bag is still lightweight even when packed to the brim, but it is not too bulky when only filled for a 'quick' trip - whatever that means with kids!!
* Even though this bag is quite sizable, it does make it so much easier for me to have everything in the one bag rather than me having to carry my tote bag and separate bag for snacks/food like in the past

* Inside of the bag is easy to wipe down if you do have any spills and the lining is water resistant too. This makes it great for a swim or beach bag too.
The Skip Hop Grand Central Nappy Bag is available to purchase through The Stork Nest for $149.99. Did you know that The Stork Nest actually have a gift registry service?! Perfect if you are planning a baby shower, or you have friends who want to know what to get you for bub #2, #3, #4 or #5! I would be popping this bag on my list for sure....


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  1. First thought scrolled down but I just realized your bag is very attractive design. I love nappy bags with so many pockets cause you can put as many as you want. Another thing was you are very organized which I haven't done every time were going to somewhere with my husband and of course our little princess.


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