Friday, 31 July 2015

The new K-Mart Catalogue is Here - FINALLY!!!!

After stalking the K-Mart website (and my postman) all week, I am excited to see that the K-Mart catalogue is FINALLY online!!
If you are yet to check it out, here it is for your viewing pleasure...
It feels as though my local K-Mart store has been teasing me for weeks about this catalogue, releasing items in dribs and drabs and keeping me guessing as to just what else might be coming! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I have been sharing quite a few fabulous little buys as I have seen them hit the shelves at my local.
I must admit much of the catalogue seems to be the same popular favourites that we saw in store last year (and in recent times), but for those kicking themselves last time they missed out, I am sure you will be glad to see some things back in stock.
Here are a few things from the catalogue that I love...

Outdoor Entertaining: Acapulco Bench Seat, Outdoor Planter Box/Bench & Deck Chair

The Acapulco chair is also back in stock too, but this time they have also introduced its' bigger cousin - the bench seat! Retailing at $69 this would be perfect for sprucing up the deck in time for balmy summer nights with a cocktail - I wish!! In reality no idea where I would put it, but I love it!

Same deal applies with this planter box outdoor bench seat. It just seems like I need to have one at only $39!
The folding deck chair has a gorgeous print that just screams summer - and bargain at $35!

Kids Table & Chairs


How I wish that I didn't have a perfectly good set already - this set is all kinds of amazing and no prizes for guessing what colour chairs I would go with... Chairs $19 and table $39.

Jute Rugs

These rugs have been starting riots across Australia (or so I have heard). Such a steal at only $39 (if you can manage to snare one that is!). Also available in a smaller version for $29 too.

Love those clever people that have been 'hacking these' with paint to swap up the yellow for a colour to match their home décor. If this is you, you'll have to share some piccies on my Facebook Page, I would LOVE to see them!

Spotted Coverlet


I was this, and I mean this, close to getting this coverlet for $30. The print is absolutely divine, but for some reason it doesn't come with any pillow cases and I tend to be a bit 'matchy matchy' with my bedding.

Toaster and Kettle

Both are $39 and both look to be so European in design!
Love, love, love the white but there is also a blue colour if that's more your thing.

Bathroom Storage Range

No room for it at my place (super sad face) but I adore the 'bathroom storage' range. 
Ladder Shelf $35.00

Storage Unit $19.00
Towel Rail $25.00
I have also seen some super clever folk use the storage unit to store kids art and craft, books, kitchen bits and bobs and even toilet paper rolls too!

I notice that just about everything is now online - yay! So it means that you can also check to see if your local store (or surrounding stores) have what you need before you trek out :-)
What do you think of the new catalogue? Love? Loathe? What is on your shopping list?


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    1. It is great isn't it Nat? Hubby thinks that we wouldn't get the toaster in our appliances cupboard because of the size, but I am wanting to give it a go :-)


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