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Guest Post: How to Personalise your Kids Room - Ideas and Tips!

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When I was growing up, my bedroom was always an expression of my individuality, and looking back at decorative flavours of my childhood, there's one styling rule I know to be true - a child's room needs a personal touch. During a child's defining years, their identity and sense of security is largely dependent upon on their home life and their bedroom plays a big role. Here are our top tips on how you can embrace your child's personality and inspire creativity without overspending or compromising on style...

Colour your Walls...

Colour is a refreshing alternative to bland, white walls. A vivid and bright display of your child's favourite colour can add warmth and excitement. When selecting a colour scheme for your kid's walls, don't just stick to traditional pink or blue. Choose intentionally by considering the emotion that you want to elicit in your child:
  • Red: Builds energy and excitement but can foster aggression
  • Orange: Encourages confidence, independence and communication
  • Yellow: Cheery, motivating and boots memory. Yellow can often create agitation
  • Green: Calming, improve concentration and speed
  • Blue: Decrease in agitation and anxiety
  • Purple: Self assurance, creativity and wisdom
  • Pink: Calming and empathetic but can also lead to agitation
Image by Amanda Prior and Bloglovin.

TIP: Featuring one colour on an accent wall or matching different colours can counteract any negative effects of a singular colour.

Embrace a Theme...

Wallpaper is a simple solution for your kid's space, giving you the decorative flexibility to choose a colour, pattern and theme that is relevant to your child to cater to their shifting tastes.
Image via Potterybarn Kids.
 The variety of wallpaper themes or decals can offer something special every animal lover, budding artist or Marvel enthusiast! Read our DIY wallpaper tips here.
Image via Howards Storage World.

TIP: Exhibit your child's very own artwork by framing their special drawings and creations on their bedroom walls. 

No more boring storage...

It's no surprise that kids can get their hands on anything and everything. Labelling the different items in a child's space is a practical way to personalise a space as well as store and organise efficiently.
Image via Potterybarn kids.

Choose cheeky storage boxes for a fun touch and use a range of differently sized transparent storage boxes that can be easily stacked, and quickly recognisable. Be adventurous with your storage, embrace your wall space and get creative with your labels by recycling pages from an old picture book. 
Image via Howards Storage World

TIP: In the wardrobe, opt for coloured and co-ordinated hangers for quick and easy access. Blue hangers can hold pants and red hangers can hold shirts. Read more kid's storage tips here
Whether you are getting ready for a new addition to the family or recreating a colourless space, take an extra moment to add a personal touch, inspire creativity and breathe life into your kid's room. Most importantly, spend more quality time with your little one by leaving the details up to the experts! Get free quotes from your local interior designers or painters to make your child's bedroom dreams a reality!
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