Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Fashion Lane Australia - Easier way to Shop Sales - My Review...

{Post brought to you in conjunction with Fashion Lane}
I am not going to deny that I am a teeny, tiny bit of a shopaholic, because if you have been following this blog for a while you may have noticed...

But I an definitely a very specific shopaholic and absolutely adore nothing more than a bargain and very, very rarely pay full price for anything! Shopping outlets (DFO I am talking about you!), Facebook Buy and Sell pages (so darn addictive) and Ebay are all my 'go to' sources for my clothing fixes. But now that I have three bambinos, I have to say that visiting shops is a rare treat for me these days. It seems that almost 90% of my clothes shopping is done from the comfort of my laptop where I don't have to wrangle 3 kids and deal with multiple tantrums!!
I was recently introduced to a new website called Fashion Lane Australia. This site is a bargain hunters paradise that brings you the latest sales from over 100 retailers. So no more trawling through hundreds of individual sites and stores to snap up a bargain, you can now find these all in the one spot!
The site is super easy to navigate your way to bargains, simply use the drop down menu and select from the categories what you are after.
Once you are in your chosen category (eg dresses) the results are sorted by the highest discounts. And oh my goodness - there are some HUGE discounts with items reduced by hundreds of dollars to crazy ridiculous prices!
The website allows you to filter further in each category. For example, under dresses you can sort by dress style and type (eg. cocktail dresses)
Or you can also sort by your favourite clothing label or brand - there are SO many there!
If there is an item that you love, but you are holding out for an even bigger discount on, you can set up a 'price alert'. This allows you to even set up the price that you want to be notified at when (or if) the price falls that low.
The site also features a coupons and discounts section and you can even subscribe to a newsletter to be notified by email with some amazing deals you won't want to miss!!
The only thing I would love to see the site incorporate is filtering items by sizes. There are so many exciting bargains that it is a little bit disappointing when you click on a dress that you have fallen in love with, only to find that it is only available in every other size apart than yours. By allowing you to filter buys by your size, this would save this disappointment and heartbreak!
If you love a bargain just as much as me, definitely pop over and check out Fashion Lane - love you to share what bargains you find. I am trying to purchase a few post baby summer buys for myself...


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