Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Happy New Year! What I hope for 2016...

Happy New Year everyone!
I truly hope that you all enjoyed a safe and happy festive season. Hard to believe that here we are already in to the second week of 2016 isn't it?!
2015 was definitely a bit of a rollercoaster ride for me. Sadly the week after Mr T arrived, my father suffered a stroke. It has been incredibly tough period and we are only now really embarking on a super slow (often frustrating) and long recovery process for him. So if posts have been a bit few and far between here, the juggling act of the three kiddlets and my dad has left me a little bit time poor as of late. I really hope that this year sees great improvements for my father and more balance for me.
2015 also saw some happy tears too! There is no better highlight in any year than welcoming a new baby and Mr T was certainly no exception. He really is the 'dream' baby - so content, happy and just SO easy!
I know that it won't be like this forever (and the other two certainly aren't easy most days!), but he is just such a little blessing and gives me something positive to focus on when things are a little tough.
So what's ahead in 2016?! Well each year I do try and put down a few resolutions and goals for the year. So here is what I am hoping for....


Easier said than done with three little ones! But this year I hope to regain a bit of me time.
Late last year I signed up at a gym and look forward to escaping here for a bit of mind and body wellbeing a few times a week!

I also want to try and pick up a book every now and then and watch something on TV other than ABC Kids every once and a while too. I know, dreaming BIG here!!


If 2015 taught me anything, it is definitely to not take your health for granted. This year I am trying to focus on being the healthiest that I an be, especially after such sick pregnancies. Now I am not doing anything too crazy like quitting sugar entirely, but I do plan to be a bit more mindful of what I put in to my mouth! I am actually fairly good with the exercise side of things, but sweet treats can often be my undoing. Be prepared to see some more 'healthy' sweet treat recipes coming through on the blog this year (and some naughty ones too).
I also want to finally get a few 'health' related things ticked off this year. My varicose veins (thanks a lot pregnancies!) are on my list as well as finally getting my teeth fixed (again courtesy of babies). Not very exciting, but it will be nice to feel and look a bit better after my close pregnancies have left me looking a wee bit worse for wear!!


Even though I have my three home with me full time, I often feel like the time we do spent together isn't 'quality'. I have to learn to put the phone down, switch the computer off and learn to keep that pile of dishes at the sink a teeny bit longer. Next year Mr B will be at school and before I know it, my babies will be having babies of their own. I know the time is going to fly, so I intend to try and maximise the time I have at home with my three before it goes forever.

The Blog

Late last year I made the super hard (and sad) decision to say goodbye to my Event Hire and Styling business due to just how crazy things were with our expanding family and the needs of my parents. This year I hope that I can focus a bit more on my blog as a result. So please if you have any requests on what you'd like to see around these parts, as always please contact me because I love hearing from you - truly!
My posts here can often be few and far between, but if you are on Instagram or Facebook I can be found sharing (usually bargain buys or anything Kmart related) on a more frequent basis so I would love you to join me here!
If you are a brand, product or service that would like to work with me this year, I would love to hear from you and please feel free to contact me for more information.
Looking forward to a great year ahead and I thank each and every one of you that take the time to check in here for being a part of it!!  
Do you set resolutions? What are yours for 2016?

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