Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Super Cute Food Ideas & Treats for Australia Day!

What better excuse to treat yourself than for Australia Day?! Well it is a long time between Christmas and Easter after all...
Today I have a little bit of a round up of what I am attempting to make wrestle with the kids to celebrate the day of all things Aussie. Yes I did just post about being better with my sweet treats this year, but it is Australia Day after all - enough said!

The Tim Tam Cake

The only thing better than a Tim Tam, has to be this cake right?! I saw this doing the rounds last year on social media and knew I had to attempt it this year.
Image Source and Recipe found over at Taste

Koala Biscuits

You are only one pack of milk arrowroot bickies (and a few other ingredients) away from a whole lot of cute!
Image Source and Recipe found over at Kidspot

Koala in the Ocean

My super clever friend Kate (from Confetti Mumma) makes these for her Australia Day BBQ year after year and I can see why! Kids (and adults alike) will adore the Aussie twist on the uber popular 'frog in the pond'.
Image Source and details over at Confetti Mumma Facebook Page

The Pav

It is definitely un-Australian not to inhale a pavlova on the 26th of January! Everyone knows the best 'pav' recipe, but I think that this recipe from That's Life magazine gets top marks for creativity - though admittedly I like mine with a lot more chocolate and a little less fruit :-) This recipe uses Pavlova magic to make things a cinch too!!
Image Source and Recipe found over at That's Life
Do you have a must have Australia Day recipe? Love you to share below....


  1. Everything looks delicious! I don't know about the black jellybeans for the koala nose though (>.<)

    1. You have read my mind exactly Hannah! I was thinking the long TV snacks cut up?

  2. Wow!! Tim Tam cake looks so yummy. I would like to try this with my friends. Well I have tried Koala in the ocean at corporate events of my company. I really liked it. Now I really want to try Koala biscuits too whenever I get a chance to have that. Thanks for sharing recipes here.


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