Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Get organised to reduce stress

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A recent study from Compare The Market looked at just what is stressing us Australians out. The infographic here broke down what is causing the stress, how Australians are coping and how it all impacts our lives.
We all have different types of stress and ways to manage that stress. One of the best things I have done to reduce stress in my life is to get more organised. This has definitely become more and more essential with each and every new addition to the family!
The study showed that two main things causing us all the most stress were financial issues and health issues. I must admit both of these (along with missing out on a Kmart bargain!) definitely ring true for me.

Financial issues

Finances sound scary, but are surprisingly easy to get organised with. Create a budget and stick to it. Its a simple as that.
A budget doesnt need to be complex. You need to spend less than you earn, but it is the spending aspect that you need to be across first. 
If you have never done a budget before, it is probably best to track your spending for 3 months to give you a clear idea of where your money is going. Write out all your expenses, compare them to your income then ensure you dont overspend in any area. This enables you to stick to your budget, save money and be less stressed financially. 
If you find you are spending more than you earn you need to either find ways to cut back or increase you income. Ideally, do both.
To get the ball rolling, some super simple ways to cut back are:
  • Menu planning, shopping with a list and cooking accordingly. I have a little post here on why I love (and need) a shopping list, as well as some free printables too.
  • Compare your insurance to make sure you are getting the best deal on each on including health, car, life, home and contents, any insurance you have
  • Compare providers for your phone, internet, electricity, gas and any other service. Doing a quick comparison and switch can save you thousands of dollars a year

Health issues

Getting organised with your health is crucial for quality of life, especially as I am nearing the 'wrong' side of 30! I dont know anyone who hasnt had some sort of health issue. If  your health goes, everything else goes and even something as simple as us having gastro over Easter definitely makes me realise that!
Health is important to me and I try and stay as fit and active as possible by scheduling time to exercise each week. Saying you will go to the gym today is not as effective as the act of physically writing it into your diary - trust me!
I have set gym classes that I go to every single week and these are diarised and non negotiable appointments I make with myself. For example, if I need to get my hair done (once in blue moon!), then I won't make it on a day or a time where I am going to be at the gym.
Keep all health matters together. Create a file, get copies of your medical history, keep copies from every test and treatment you have in a file to enable you to have all the information you might need for any future health issue. If you dont get digital copies when you go through treatments, make your own by scanning the paper copies and storing them on your laptop.
Create time for yourself - yup I know easier said than done with kids! Not enough people schedule in time for themselves. Being healthy and organised is all about doing what is best for you and creating a life you love. If you dont schedule in time for self care you will burn out, cause health issues and wish you had slowed down. I personally find that even getting out of the house (solo) for a grocery shop for 30 minutes can give me the refresh I need! Get organised, schedule it in and thank yourself later.
When health or finances become a burden, there are usually things you can do to reduce the impact. From my experience, most of it comes down to being organised, or the lack thereof. What do you think? Are finances and health causing stress in your home? How do you manage it?

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