Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A look at our Playroom!

As a little girl I was super envious of our neighbour who was an only child. Instead of having to share her space with siblings, she had a playroom! Mind you this was no ordinary playroom either - it had a plastic toy supermarket which was the object of my childhood desires for many, many years...

Now I may have gotten older, but the desire to have a dedicated little play space for me my own kids has always been strong. Finally when we had the chance to extend our house in 2014, I knew that this was my chance to make my dream come true!

Ideally we wanted to have a closed off play space (so I could shut the door on mess), but when we were drawing up the plans we just couldn't make it work. Instead we ended up having to combine this space with part of the existing lounge area. In some ways, this should serve well down the track if we ever decide to sell, or when the kids outgrow their toys, as this space can be converted in to a large theatre room, an open study space etc.

Because the space does sit at the rear of our lounge room, I have selected a colour palette that fits with the rest of the room - soft grey and white with touches of teal and yellow.

My kids are OBSESSED with dress ups so this rack is the perfect way to display their costumes. It also teaches them to hang up their clothes after they have used them - let's hope they remember this in 10 years time?!

The Teepee doubles as a relaxing/reading space as well as a place to hide when you have stolen Mummies phone and you want to play games! I rotate this corner with various items throughout the year such as a train table, ride ons, dolls bed/change table etc.

Our toy kitchen is fantastic as it has loads of cupboard space (oven/fridge/microwave/dishwasher) to stash all of the wooden kitchen items and play food neatly.

We are very fortunate that when we build the extension, we added a mud/storage room. This storage room is where we have our games and puzzles.

We also have an art and craft station and space in our family room. I originally wanted to have it as part of the play area, but with carpet in here (enough said!) it seemed more practical to create a dedicated space where we had floorboards - will be sure to share this space with you soon.

Questions?! Please feel free to fire away and I will be back with a dedicated stockist post as well as addressing any questions you may have on the room too. Like the dress up rack?! I will also have a special reader offer to purchase one too on the blog!



  1. Love love love wooden toys. What a lovely space!

    1. Us too! In case you cannot tell - haha! Thank you so much for stopping by x


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