Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Crazy Sales Electric Toy Car Review

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The lovely folk at recently offered me the amazing opportunity to review the Electric Ride on Vehicle from their extensive toy collection and trust me I didn't need to be asked twice!
I decided not to tell the kids that the car was coming and honestly Christmas has NOTHING on the reactions that my three had when they clapped eyes on this...

I really should have filmed their faces, it truly was excitement plus!
The car arrived in record delivery time, was safely packaged and came in a non descript box - perfect if you are thinking about stashing this away for a birthday or Christmas gift.
I left the assembly of the vehicle to my hubby. He is definitely not a fan of anything that remotely requires construction (Ikea flat packs I am looking at you!), but managed to put this together with ease even with three kids trying to mix up parts helping him out. I should add that the car comes pretty much assembled, it is just connecting all the wires up and adding on the accessories that you need to do.
It is definitely important  to note, that the car needs to be charged for approx. 8 hours before use and I think these 8 hours were the longest EVER in my life! Every 5 minutes (or less) I was getting the "is it done yet". So if you are planning to gift this, my advice is to charge it up so that it is ready to go! It will definitely save the insistent whinging heartache all round.
The car itself is quite possibly better to drive than my own. It has sound, lights and a horn to rival most neighbourhood hoons!

You have the option to drive the car using the switches within the vehicle - perfect for the older more competent kids. But for the young ones, there is the remote control option for parents to control and therefore safely avoid any crashes in to pets, furniture and your photo display on your hall table. The car drives in a forward and a reverse motion too.
Like any good sports car (toy or not), the sound system is loud! The car belts out several tunes which the kids absolutely love and you can be assured you'll be singing along to (through gritted teeth) in no time. You can even plug in an MP3 or other sound source and have your kids cruising the hallways with the Wiggles blasting from the speakers - talk about every childs' dream!
The concept of sharing is lost with this car. My kids don't want to get out of this thing, it is truly the number one toy in our place and trust me between a cubby, trampoline and a full playroom - we have a few!

The recommended age for the car is 3 and up. However you could not get my 2.5 year old out of this if you tried. Mr T (almost 1) absolutely loves sitting in the seat (not driving it of course) and has mastered the horn toot which he finds hilarious.
The car is currently on promo for $179.88 - making it a perfect time to buy this in advance for Christmas or a special birthday coming up. After all chrissie is just 4 months away folks!!

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  1. There's nothing like getting your kids a spanking new car is there. Honestly, I'd worry a bit about storage and where to put the thing, but hey. The smiles on their faces are totally worth it! Just a matter of teaching them where and how to park! Haha!


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