Tuesday, 3 April 2018

A little refresh...

Howdy Folks!
If you have been following my poor neglected blog for a little while, you may have noticed a little bit of a refresh to the page and my branding over the past few weeks. What does this mean?! Well not too much is changing, but I am officially going to include a wee bit more 'style' into my blog and social media pages as requested by you guys!
Fashion (clothes, shoes, accessories - you name it!) and bargain shopping are two of my greatest passions, so I am very excited to be sharing these with you on a more frequent basis. You guys told me that you want more outfit inspiration, bargain buys and shopping (for kids and home too) so this is what you will get! If you're on Instagram please feel free to follow my account. I am loving the whole 'stories' concept at the moment, and this is the avenue I am using to share most of my bargain buys, things I love at the minute and snippets of my life.
My social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) will still be places for me to share my life but also a little bit of style too. Now I am definitely no self proclaimed fashion blogger (or model), but if you are an everyday Mum after everyday, affordable and wearable style ideas, then I hope sharing my outfits and bargain buys will help inspire you. Each time I share my outfit ideas I get such a positive response (and request for more), so I hope you will continue to enjoy these posts.
The blog posts will hopefully be a teeny bit more regular than last year, but social media will most definitely be your best bet to stay up to date! Four little ones and regular writing don't seem to mix too well just yet...
As always, if you have a question or an idea for a post, please get in touch. If you are a brand or company that wants to collaborate with me, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you too!
Thank you for reading x

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