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Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier Review

When I was asked to review the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier I literally was on the verge of tears. For the past few months I had been desperate for something, anything that may give our family a helping hand to combat the major allergies that our almost 3 year old (Toby) faces. We often joke that our poor Toby is allergic to life. Food, dust, air, pet hair, carpet, grass - the list of his allergies seems to grow by the day. He suffers with severe eczema, often has trouble breathing at night and struggles to sleep due to scratching/screaming/crying - the whole situation is a vicious cycle.
Whilst Dyson definitely doesn't claim that this is a medical grade device, I was hopeful that this little machine that detects allergens and pollutants and purifies the air may just help a teeny, teeny bit!


So what does the machine actually do?!

This machine has so many clever functions, it monitors and purifies the air and also has a heat and cool function too. The machine is bladeless, portable and easy on the eye too!

How does it work?

When the machine is switched on, it draws the air in your home into the filter contained within the base of the machine. The air particles are captured within the filter and clean air is then released and circulated through your room via the 'loop' of the machine. Dyson claims that this machine is powerful enough to remove 99.95% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns in your home - pretty impressive stuff!
The machine has its own Dyson App that allows you to remotely control the temperature, set a sleep timer, view the air quality in your area, inside your home and chart the air purification activity.


How did I find it?

I was invited to conduct the trial in my home over a 4 week period in mid April - mid May. Melbourne being, well typical Melbourne, boasted a bit of summer, autumn and winter weather all within this timeframe!
The first few days I was trialling the machine Melbourne was covered with thick smoke haze from burn offs being conducted in the area. The air quality was extremely poor and all of Melbourne was struggling to breathe outside and inside of the home over this period.
When I fired up the machine the inside of our home had 'poor' air quality and within a short timeframe switched to the 'fair' and then into the 'good' green zone again. Not only could you feel the difference in the air, boy you could smell it too! Unfortunately with school and kinder pick ups to do, we couldn't avoid heading outside. Poor Toby suffered major skin flare ups as soon as we left our home over this time, but surprisingly his skin calmed down considerably as soon as we were home with the purification running. I was a little bit shocked as typically once a flare up occurs it takes an almighty effort to get it back under control (a week usually).
One of the biggest benefits about the machine is definitely the portability. I find that the machine moves from room to room with me over the course of the day. In the morning I set the machine up in our lounge and playroom to purify the space where we spend most of our day.
In the late afternoon I set this up in the boys shared bedroom to purify, before moving into the kitchen for dinner time. One of the (many) things I love about the purification is just how effective it is at eliminating cooking smells from the air.
Typically I can still smell fish lingering in the air for 24 hours or more, but those yucky smells are gone almost immediately with this running at the same time as I cook. Gosh I wish I had this when I was pregnant and every single smell made me sick (literally)!!
One of the biggest benefits for us is definitely the heating component - I do live in Melbourne after all where heat is essential - all year round! Our home runs on gas ducted heating from the ceiling, which is fabulous if you don't have a child like our Toby. The combination of dust blowing from the vents coupled with the dry heat blasting from the ceilings is one of the biggest triggers for his skin to flare up catastrophically. It is a fine line in our home between not wanting to freeze to death and not wanting to upset Toby's poor skin by running the heating.
Whilst I wouldn't say the heat function is capable of heating a whole home, it definitely packs a punch in open spaces and heats up smaller individual rooms in literally no time at all. Of a night time we use the heat function for baby Jesse's nursery. Whoever invited the app with remote controlling is an absolute genius! Our Jesse can sense movement from a mile away and wakes up so easily. So the fact that we can switch on or off and control the temperature without having to step foot in here is a life (and sleep) saver!
Over our 4 week trial, Melbourne turned into full Winter mode and along came our first dose of coughs and colds. Whilst my oldest two felt the full brunt of the sniffles, our Toby (who can normally catch a cold in the height of summer) has escaped relatively scot free. Coincidence? I am not quite sure, but hubby and I have also escaped any bugs which also never happens.
I haven't been able to test out the fan function properly now the cool weather is here, but I am hoping this is just what Toby needs during the warm months where his allergies and skin are even more vulnerable in this climate.



Whilst I wasn't expecting a magic cure to Toby's chronic allergies and skin conditions, I can hand on heart say that we have noticed some improvement in these areas over my 4 week trial. The nights of screaming, crying and scratching have decreased for us which is a huge step forward.
Melbourne is absolutely freezing at the moment and this unit has helped us address a heating solution that is far friendlier on Toby's skin. We couldn't be without it overnight in our nursery at the moment with it being so cold (it was only 1 degree last night).
I suffer badly with hayfever (and usually wake up a sneezing mess in Spring), so cannot wait to see how I fare this year with the Dyson Pure Hot + Cold link in the home.
Have you tried the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier? What did you think?


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